Saturday, 29 November 2014


If anyone out there besides my husband and my mum reads my blog, then they/you may have noticed I haven't posted anything since Wednesday. That's mainly because on Wednesday we made some important decisions - and we've had a hard few days sticking to them.

Before I get to that let me give you the catalyst: 

If you do follow me on twitter or read my blog you will know that we, very successfully, follow the CLB routine (I blogged about it here). Discovering the routine, establishing it and sticking to it has been life changing for us. It has given us our life back. We have had time for each other as a couple, we've been able to have all important time to ourselves in the evening and it brought the night time wake ups down to a maximum of one - sometimes none! It really had changed our lives as new parents.

But - when Jake had colic (and we hadn't realised that's what it was for a while) we gave him a dummy. In fact, we pretty much forced it on him. We were desperate for him to settle, be quiet and sleep. From then on, we gave him his dummy all of the time because we assumed that he wanted it.

All of this was fine until recently -

Jake's 11 week update

@mummybexm - Jake at 11 weeks old
Over the last week we have seen some major changes in our little man.

No he isn't starting to crawl or read The Times each morning - it isn't that drastic - but we can see that these last few weeks (and this last week especially) have been a growth spurt for him.

It seems common knowledge (though, it wasn't to me!) that at around 12 weeks, babies have a growth spurt. It's quite a big one too, as it is roughly when they're 3 months old.

If Jake had been born on time, and not 2 weeks late, he would've been 3 months old yesterday (13 weeks). It isn't clear whether or not the 12 week growth spurt is from birth or due date - I'm going to go with due date because Jake has definitely had one this last week or so.

So what have we noticed?..

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to tell if your baby has begun Teething

Even before we become parents, we've all heard that phrase, 'Oh he's teething', to describe and excuse distressed babies and toddlers.

As first time parents we weren't sure whether little Jake has begun teething or not. He is only 11 weeks old (today!) but being 2 weeks overdue, we wondered if perhaps he really IS teething?

The NHS state that babies usually begin teething at around 6 months, but that some babies can begin even before they are 4 months and it is the front bottom incisors that will come through first.

How can you tell if your baby is teething?

The tell tale symptoms and signs are well documented, both in books and on the internet. The most common signs that a baby is teething are:

  • sore, red gums
  • cheeks can become more flush
  • increased dribbling
  • more gnawing and chewing of toys, fists or fingers
  • more fretful or grizzly
When the hubby and I looked at the list we noted that, actually, little Jake does have many of these symptoms at the moment.

So - we opened up a gift that we were given as part of our 'present parcel' by my sister when little Jake was born. 

It was a MAM 'Starter & Clip' aimed at early teething. The MAM teether is a cute cool blue and comes with a coordinated clip to keep it securely attached to your baby.

@mummybexm - Jake's starter teether and clip
The MAM starter teether is BPA free and light weight for small babies. The design allows it to be...

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mothercare splurge!

Today the little man and I went shopping with Nanny; we went to Merry Hill Shopping Centre. It was absolutely heaving - amazingly busy.

Eventually we scored a parking space on the outer rim of the centre and visited Costa coffee and Mothercare.

Here's my haul for the day :)

@mummybexm - our mothercare shopping result :)

  1. Gorgeous baby blue, thick fleece lined jacket with hood in 0-3.
  2. 3 pairs of soft shoes for up to 6 months.
  3. Gorgeous grey jogging bottoms in 0-3 for a bargain £5!
  4. Fleece zip front jumper in size 3-6 months.
  5. A Mothercare universal fleecey cosy toes; this is to go on our pram but because it is universal it can also go with the stroller we get and the pram Nanny has at her house. Machine washable too :)
  6. A travel black-out blind from the fab Gro-Company
  7. Cute fleece hat and matching gloves..awww.
What have you bought for your bub recently?


Baby Socks

One of the many funny little characteristics that my little man has is that he has HUUUGE hands and feet; my hubby has started calling him 'Wreck-it Ralph' lol :)

A lot of the gorgeous socks we have for our bub simply don't fit his feet and end up being tight. Baby socks are notorious for not staying on their feet, but for us that isn't the problem - they're too small!

This week I found a gorgeous set of 5 pairs of socks for £3 from Nutmeg at Morrisons. I tested them out on his feet and - amazingly they had such brilliant give that they went all the way up to his calves! Brilliant! Baby socks that actually fit him.

The designs and colours are so nice too, and in this seasons hot colour - burgundy. Here they are:

@mummybexm - Jake's socks from Nutmeg at Morrisons
I think the mummy and daddy ones are super cute, and the penultimate pair with the stars = super cool.

BUT - it gets better! When I got to the till they had 25% off the price! Hurrah!

Baby socks are always cute to look at - but at last we have 5 pairs that fit really well and are really cute and stylish.



Sunday, 23 November 2014

'HelpFun' Gadgets for Mums & Dads

'HelpFun' is a portmanteau* we use in our house for something that's helpful but also fun. With Christmas approaching quickly, the shops and websites are all bursting at the seams with 'stocking fillers' and quirky products designed 'For Him' or 'For Her'; the supermarkets and shops are practically falling over one another with offers and ideas.

The problem with Christmas is that, often, we're so bombarded with marketing and just general 'stuff' that as shoppers we begin to look for things that are suitable when we should really be thinking about whether they are desirable for our intended recipient.

Let's take men especially. It's a well known fact (apparently) that men are impossibly hard to buy gifts for...maybe they're fussy? Or perhaps they often get the things they want ahead of their birthday or Christmas. Maybe they're the type of guy that doesn't really know what they want, or perhaps are just modest enough not to go on about it... either way, often the only real suggestions when it comes to a 'Gift for Him' are body sprays, novelty socks and beer hats.

Surely there's more to choose from?..

Milestone Cards

Last week I made a really brilliant discovery and one that I sooooo wish I had known about before we had little Jake.

Now that little Jake is in to a routine (thank you CLB - read my post about it here), I have had more time to myself to browse the internet and watch the many TV shows I have recorded on Sky+ (I know - I'm so rock and roll). As a result of this, I stumbled across the amazing Milestone Cards. After shopping around I purchased a set from for £12.99 (free delivery) - bargain!

They finally arrived and I was soooo excited!

Immediately I could tell that the cards were of good quality. They came in a handy, sturdy and attractive box that is perfect to keep them safe.

Inside, there are 30 beautifully designed cards which help you document those memorable milestones as your baby develops. As well as little keepsake cards to put the details of your baby and a card telling you how to use them....

The Power of Poonamis!!

Today - Daddy had his first experience of the dreaded poonami!

We had been to the supermarket to do our weekly shop (ugh - such a chore when you have a small baby) and we managed to get one of those trolleys with the lie flat seat for babies. We strapped him in and we went about our business.

About half way through the aisles, baby Jake began crying and seemed to be hungrier earlier than normal, so daddy took him off to the café to feed him whilst I completed the shop.

By the time we were finished and back in the car, the little man was asleep - hooray we thought!

Oh how wrong we were...

This week's #Photoblog

1. The little gruffalo chewing his fist.   2. Seeing stars - Jake rocks a cute sleepsuit from 'Nutmeg'.
3. 'My Mummy is Yummy' - another great sleepsuit from   4. Jake enjoying time with Barney the owl on his Fisher-Price Woodsy bouncer.   5. Jake wearing his 'Off to Explore' hooded top from TU at Sainsburys.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

10 Weeks Old

Today, baby Jake is 10 weeks old! Hooray.

To celebrate we put him in his 'Blast off! T-shirt from Sainsbury's TU clothing range. The colours are gorgeous and the finish is such high quality...on par with Mothercare's baby clothes for sure.

Here he is looking a little grumpy - he's a tired boy, hence the Tommee Tippee dummy:

It has been another nice day - Jake only woke up once in the night, at 3:45am for a bottle. He only took 4oz too, instead of the usual 6oz so perhaps he is showing signs of eliminating that night feed again (we had gone to sleeping through, but his recent growth spurt and brought the night a feed back).
@mummybexm - Jake's 10 Weeks Old today

We've had a lovely day playing on the floor again - rolling on to his side and reaching for toys and teddies.

Now that Jake's able to reach and roll for things, the hubby and I have realised we need to get him some more toys as he doesn't have many. Preferably some noisy ones to attract his attention and encourage him to want to roll over.

You can see that I have had the chance to use my milestone cards for the first time - we had them only last week so we missed many of the earlier milestone cards to use (I will post about the milestone cards separately)....

Tommee Tippee's Challenge

@Tommee Tippee Facebook

There are so many to choose from! Argh...

  1. Gorgeous
  2. Happy
  3. Cheeky
How would you describe your baby in 3 words?


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What I Know Now

Finding out you're pregnant is a huge discovery. For some women it may not be the right time or circumstances, but for many of us - we've hoped and dreamed and now we're bursting with excitement. It is overwhelming and exhilarating.

The internet is flooded with baby products, advice and opinions on what you need and what to do. But, as a first time mum it is all a little overwhelming...and can be a bit daunting.

When I was pregnant I was over the moon and so excited...but I spent a lot of time being anxious and worried about what to do, how to cope and what I'd need. I had no experience of babies, really. I have nieces but I'd never had to look after them - just enjoy visiting them and having fun!

I'm not afraid to admit that I worried all the time that I would be a bad mum or that, because I am overweight my baby might not be perfect. My hubby and I would constantly talk about these worries, asking: What if we don't know what to do when we get home? What if we're rubbish parents? What if he doesn't like us? What if I haven't given my baby the best start? But the fact that we were so honest and 'together' in the process made it all bearable and a lot less daunting than if we had bottled these worries up secretly. 

We bought everything we thought we needed. We had loads of lovely clothes given to us as gifts, or passed on second hand from friends. We did research on bits and bobs and I did everything I could to be as healthy and vitamin-fuelled as I could so that my baby would be healthy and well. We asked friends and family for advice or tips and we communicated the whole time - discussing our hopes, excitement and worries as the due date approached...

Tuesday 18th November - A Lovely Day

Today is Tuesday. It is no particular day, or date. No major events. No special achievements has just been a lovely day!

Jake has followed his routine perfectly and been so happy and chirpy. We started the day at 7:15 this morning, when I gently roused Jake from his sleep by opening his door and putting the landing light on. Then I went to make myself a cuppa and put the morning telly on. By the time I came back he was giggling and smiling in his cot, having a lovely natter to his toy cows and Ewan the dream sheep.
@mummybexm - Jake loves to play.
Jake spent most of his 'awake time' today on the floor, rolling on his side, kicking his legs and gurgling at the toys and telly. It was wonderful to play with him and to watch him being able to entertain himself under my supervision. He is very much a happy and contented baby - I think a lot of that is down to the routine we've established thanks to the CLB (I have posted more on this here). Sure - he can be grumpy and clingy at times - he is often a little less happy in other people's houses but that's normal, because it is different. My hubby often calls him a little old man, lol!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

The last few days, Jake has been having a bit of a wonder week / growth spurt. He's been a bit hungrier and a bit sleepier.

Last night, hubby and I were keeping an eye on him via the baby monitor and we saw that he had turned over on to his side! It was the first time we'd seen him do it. Amazing!... of course, we were suddenly a little bit worried... should he be sleeping on his side? what about SIDS? I thought they could only sleep on their back? should we move him?...We went on like this for a while, and although I asked twitter for help nobody replied, until my sister-in-law did and said not to worry. So we left him until the dream feed at 10:15pm.

We were so thrilled with this little milestone. Jake had been a bit restless over the weekend and we knew it was because he was having some sort of developmental increase. Jake's almost 10 weeks old, but was born 8lb 1oz 2 weeks late having to be induced (he didn't want to come out, let me assure you!) so he's quite a 'big lad' anyway, and he feeds well having 6 x 6oz bottles in a 24 hour period...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Fun & Shopping rants!

Today, Nanny & Granddad came to take Jake for a walk around the local park.

So, we wrapped him up in his little outdoor suit and strapped him into his Oyster Max pram seat and sent him on his way.

@mummybexm - Jake in his TU outdoor suit and Oyster Max pram
The outdoor suit was a fantastic find! It is a Sainsbury's TU clothing item which was bought for Jake by his Nanny. You can see that he is very snug and happy in the suit - it has lots of positives:

  • funky design
  • warm fleece lining
  • fleece hood with faux fur trim to catch the wind
  • good fit, sized 0-3 and Jake is almost 10 weeks old
  • only cost £14! Bargain!
He had a wonderful time, looking at the trees, leaves and squirrels.

Saturday, 15 November 2014


@mummybexm - my two boys are fast asleep
@mummybexm - Nanny sent us a pic of her new pics and frames! The heart is from Next £6 and the white one on the right is from Wilko - £2
@mummybexm - Gruffalo rattle socks from Sainsburys

Attack of the Poonami

So, for the last 10 days now, baby Jake has been the victim of the dreaded, ever-disgusting poonami!

Perhaps you're one of the lucky mums, dads, aunts, uncles or grandparents who has never suffered the utter atrocity that is clearing up the devastation left behind by a poonami - so let me explain a little...


A poonami is what happens when your baby has stored up a fair amount of milk and then, after several hours, explodes it within their nappy, breaching full capacity.

Often - it doesn't stop there. It seems to coat their legs, bum cheeks and in Jake's case his little 'meat and two veg', too!

Even worse? On some occasions it literally leaks out of his nappy and into his vest. It's basically a crap moment (excuse the cheesy pun).

But - what's causing this phenomenon? Is it man-made or natural? Jake is pooing between 1 and 3 times within 24 hours, and 90% of the time the poo is a poonami. But he isn't ill - he isn't crying endlessly, isn't miserable, isn't unusually tired or unusually hungry. So, what's happening?

The answer is - we really don't know!

When I spoke to the Health Visitor, all she said was it could be he's suffering a bit of a cold, or beginning to teethe,... hmm.

Have you ever suffered the hell of cleaning up your little one's poonami? Can you help us work out why it's happening, and what we can do to help? All advice welcome!


Wonderful Woodland Fun!

When baby Jake was a few weeks old, we realised that we couldn't just leave him in his moses basket when he was awake - basically because he's nosey and wants to look around a lot. But - as first time parents we were completely at a loss as to what else to do with him...I mean we couldn't carry him around 24/7 (you know, bathroom breaks are needed sometimes!). We had to find a solution...something safe, secure but fun for him.

Where do we go when we need help?
Almost always we go to our local Mothercare store! So, we packed up our trunks and headed off up to Merry Hill Shopping Centre.

Upon arrival, we realised we didn't really know what we were looking for. What can newborns actually use? What is suitable? We made our way through the store until we happened upon the bouncers and playmats etc. Immediately, my hubby Luke said, "We need a bouncer chair-thing!"... and so that's what we looked at.

We looked at a range of bouncers and swing chairs, but there were two companies whose products stood out: Fisher-Price and Bright Starts. We spent a lot of time debating between the 'Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker', the 'Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer' and the 'Bright Starts Up, Up and Away Travel Swing'.

All 3 were excellent and offered a safe and secure seat for baby Jake to sit in, whilst being colourful, aesthetically pleasing and interactive.

@mummybexm - Jake loves his Fisher Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer
In the end we ruled out the Fisher-Price Rocker, as it was over £50 and we weren't able to afford to spend that much money. That left the 'Woodsy Friends Bouncer' and the 'Up, Up and Away Travel Swing' - it was a tough call!

Finally, we decided on the Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer because the interactive play time toys were cuter and slightly bigger. Plus - when we used Mothercare Pricematch, we ended up saving over £10 - bargain!


@mummybexm - out and about for coffee at Soho Coffee Merry Hill

Friday, 14 November 2014

Review: Free Prints App

Taking Photos - isn't this what all new parents spend the majority of their time doing (after feeding and nappy changing their babies, of course)? I know I do.
In the 9 weeks that Jake has been born, I have taken over 1000 photos and videos on my iPhone 5s... and I know it won't stop yet!

Why do we take photos? Well, I take them to preserve the moments of magic - the smiles, the outfits, the funny faces and the sheer gorgeousness of my little man. But - it's also really important because I send daily photos to my Grandparents who live away, and to my husband whilst he's working his shifts. I also post them on my Instagram or Twitter account to share with friends, and occasionally to my Facebook profile.

After Jake was born, 2 weeks late in September, I discovered a fantastic App for my iPhone: the FreePrints App (available on the App Store and for other devices, such as Android).

What is 'Free Prints'?
Well, on their website the company describe themselves as, "No Subscriptions. No Comments. Just Free Prints!" and they offer up to 45 free 6x4 photo prints every month - all you pay for is the postage and packaging.

The company are very clear about what's free and what isn't:
What's for free?
  • up to 45 free 6x4 prints per month
  • Limit 1 free print per photo
  • Max 500 6x4 free prints per year
What do you pay for?
  • any additional 6x4 prints you want per month
  • any sizes other than the free 6x4 (bigger/longer/wider sizes available for a very reasonable cost!)
  • the postage and packaging (which it claims is NEVER more than £3.99 a time).
I can honestly say, having used this app since September - their claims are entirely true. I have today received my 3rd order.

Let me take you through what it was like upon arrival ...

Firstly, my 'letter' arrived in an attractive and safe cardboard envelope, with my name, address and clear instructions not to bend/damage the photos.

Then, inside the cardboard envelope was the flip envelope itself.

The envelope is attractive and also details the 'sister' companies that FreePrints work with (you often get discounts and money off these services included with your photos).

It also shows you the different sizes that you can order your photos in (these are at an additional cost) but are perfect for special moments, memories or poses that you might want to treasure in a larger frame, or as a gift etc.

The photos themselves are of a very high, glossy quality. The colours are clear and crisp, without being harsh and will be printed in whatever format you upload them (note one of my photos was black and white).

Why print photos in this modern age of technology, blogs and photo sharing sites?


@mummybexm - Baby Jake enjoying his cute giraffe play suit from Next

Cracking the Contented Baby Routine.... and getting My Life Back!

One of the hardest things about becoming a mum, for me, was the complete lack of freedom. Before having baby Jake, my husband and I had spent 13 years together (married for one) doing exactly what we wanted, when we wanted to. Wanted to see a film at the cinema? Done. Wanted a nice meal at our favourite restaurant? Booked. Fancied nipping out to do some shopping? In the car already! Want to binge on box sets of TV shows? Pass the remote!

Having Jake meant that suddenly none of these things we were used to doing were an option. We were surrounded by nappies, bottles, sterilising equipment, baby clothes to wash and dry, and not to mention the beautiful crying and napping baby we had to look after! It was all so overwhelming - and tiring.

After a few weeks I decided to browse Amazon for some books about getting babies to sleep at night. At this point Jake was 4 weeks old and I was determined to get some sort of routine going, so I could reclaim at least one or two hours every day (I mean, let's face it - forgetting to eat and go to the loo isn't attractive after a few days). I discovered Gina Ford's Contented Little Baby books and, after reading the reviews, I ordered them there and then.

@mummybexm - My Gina Ford CLB Books
I ordered two books. The first book was Gina Fords 'The New Contented Little Baby Book' which was a little over £5 new, and an all-encompassing approach to bringing up happy babies. The second book was Gina Ford's 'The Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Little Babies and Toddlers' which was also a little over £5 new, but which dealt specifically with creating a routine that was sleep friendly.

Both Gina Ford's books are incredibly helpful and useful, but ultimately I have come to use the 'Sleep Guide' daily and it has become a sort of routine bible... I even have a photo of the routine timetable stored on my phone.

Without detailing the routine in full (you will get a much more reliable and comprehensive explanation of this in the books themselves), essentially the routine works on a 7am - 7pm day, with regular naps in between to ensure baby is getting the sleep they need for growth and development. Here is an example of the daily routine baby Jake is currently working to:

Tesco Tot; Reviewing Tesco Baby Clothes

Baby Jake has been incredibly lucky and loved, even before he was born. So many family members and friends gave us newborn and 0-3 sized clothes as gifts at my baby shower, and upon his arrival.

One of the most popular brands of clothing that was gifted to us was that of Tesco supermarket. 

Living in an apartment along the canal, in the centre of our town, I am within walking distance of several of the big supermarket chains. Whilst pregnant, my hubby and I looked at all the baby clothing in the supermarkets, but we bought very little from Tesco - preferring to spend the money taking advantage of their offers and stocking up on nappies, wipes and Aptamil. We were missing out... 

We've since put Jake in their vests (almost daily now) because they are such great value. Their packs of 3 or 5 vests often come in at under £5 and they wash and wear brilliantly - great value for money. 

We've also tried their jeans, joggers, t-shirts and jumpers; all are good quality, great prices and baby Jake seems comfortable in them. 
@mummybexm - Jake in some of his Tesco Baby Clothes

Overall? I would definitely recommend Tesco baby clothes to other mums and I look forward to trying more of their range as Jake moves in to the 3-6 and 6-9 month size (he's a little bigger than his 2 months). 

Which supermarket baby clothes does your little one enjoy? 


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tentacle-tastic Fun!

When baby Jake was first born, I agonised over which play mat to get. I always saw photos of babies on this pretty play mats and I wanted to get the best one I could.

There is soooo much choice out there that in the end I wanted something a little different. I absolutely LOVE Mamas & Papas stuff - it is always stylish, top of the line and attractive. There items have babies in mind and offer support in their development.

So I headed over to the Mamas & Papas site and took a look.

@mummybexm - Mamas & Papas Tummy Time Octopus
The 'Tummy Time Octopus Playmat' stood out immediately; it was attractive, colourful, cute and included the tummy time option which I wanted to make sure we had (as this is important for baby's development and to avoid flat head syndrome).

The playmat has several interactive features which help babies to develop their touch, sight and sound skills.

You can see that Jake really loves spending time with his octopus and it really excites him; his arms thrash as he tries to reach the interactive attachments and his legs kick vigorously against the 'noisy' tentacles. It has been a huge success, and I'm glad I took the time to look around before just ordering a common, cheap alternative.

Mamas & Papas also do the 'Magic Stargaze Stripe Playmat' which Luke and I would really like to try with Jake, but it is a bit more expensive. Perhaps Santa will bring one, if we're lucky!

Which playmat/ playgym does your little one have?


Wicked Wardrobe #1

Before I had baby Jake, I didn't really know much about baby clothes... or what I wanted from them.

Whilst I was pregnant, I bought a lot of 'up to one month' and '0-3 month' items from Next Directory via Next Online. The majority of baby Jake's clothes at the moment are from Next - either items I have bought myself, been given as gifts or are some of the items we were given second hand from family friends.

As you can see, baby Jake loves his Next vests and baby grows - and so do we!
@mummybexm - just some of the clothes from Next online


  • good quality material
  • bright and attractive colours/designs
  • easy to wash and dry
  • good fit
  • built in scratch-mits (which are great now that Jake seems to be scratching his face)
  • good price - value for money
  • none I can think of!
Now that baby Jake is getting bigger (easily fitting in to size 0-3 months already) we're venturing out to jeans, T-shirts and jumpers in the 3-6 month size... but prices do seem to go up a little here. We'll have to shop smart and get the bargains where we can.

Does your little one like Next clothes? Where's your 'go to shop' for your little one's outfits?

Making them Mobile!

I customised and ordered this phone case, for my iPhone 5s, from Vistaprint not long after our little man was born. At the time, the site were offering a reduced price and I paid less than £10 for it! Not to mention that the service was great.

@mummybexm - customised phone case from Vistaprint
What I loved about the phone case was that I could completely design the cover - I chose my favourite photo of my hubby Luke looking at our little man, just moments after he was born. I then chose a black/white filter and added their names at the bottom. The 'LOVE' graphic is generic to their website, but I thought it was a lovely addition to the design... after all, it's all about the love.

Now, I can carry them with me wherever I go - and once I return to work (boo!) I know I'll just have to look at the case if I miss them.

What little tricks do you have that help you take your loved ones with you?


Nappy Nemesis

For the last 7 days, our little man has been 'exploding'. Yes, really.

Nappy changes have become a nuclear mission to avoid splatters and stains; quite frankly, it's a dangerous job that requires fastidious attention and skill. 

Where as he was pooping 3-6 times a day, with a whole grain-mustard like style, he is now 'exploding' a yellowy, slightly runny paste that quite literally plasters him (and quite often, the vest he happens to be wearing at the time). 

Gradually, I have become increasingly worried. Why is this happening? What is causing it? Is he poorly? Our little man is 9 weeks old now and 2 weeks ago weighed 13lb (born 8lb 1oz). So I rang our Health Visitor to get some advice. 

After leaving a voice-mail, the HV rang back and we talked through things. 
Is he feeding normally and eating well? Yes. 
Is he sleeping normally? Yes. 
Is he his usual self? Yes. One or two grumpy moments, but happy and smiling mostly. 
OK then - there's nothing to worry about, she said. 

Then, we realised that my hubby and I have been suffering coughs and colds and the HV suggested that perhaps, this sloppy nappy phase is his way of the cold coming out in him. Or - seeing as he's producing a bit more saliva - it could be the start of some teething. Either way - there's nothing to worry about for now, and that's a relief. 

Has your little one ever started doing something that was different and worried you?


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Popping the Blogging Cherry...

Writing a blog is something that is, quite frankly, a daunting prospect.

Let's just stop and think for a moment; what's so scary about writing a blog?

Well, firstly there is the fear of 'putting it out there'. Once something is written and published, it can't be undone. Sure - you can delete something, or edit it, but the chances are that someone, somewhere has already seen it.

Then, there are also the 'demands' of blogging. It demands time, effort, thought and quite possibly a new mum, who will be back to work as a teacher in no time, this is a genuine concern.

Finally, the fear of being inadequate. I mean, what if my blog is rubbish? What if nobody reads it? Or worse...what if people do read it and then hate it?! Rejection is not so easy to overcome.

Right. the fears are out of the what are the solutions? In short, why am I still here and beginning this blog? Well, firstly I can eliminate possible 'mistakes' by taking time to read and preview my work before hitting publish and sending my thoughts off into the world. Secondly, whilst it's true time is limited, it is best to approach this task with a realism - putting aside set time each week to dedicate to this new hobby and interest. Finally, rejection is scary - but if just one person somewhere reads something I post that helps them in any way, whether it's advice, an idea, a solution, a laugh - then the other 999,999,999 people that might read it and hate it don't really matter, do they?

So then. Here it is. My first blog post...I haven't fallen into a black hole yet, so let's hope that my posts about family life, motherhood and the trials and tribulations of being a Teacher in a modern state Secondary school can be of entertainment and maybe even 'use' to someone out there.