Wednesday, 19 November 2014

10 Weeks Old

Today, baby Jake is 10 weeks old! Hooray.

To celebrate we put him in his 'Blast off! T-shirt from Sainsbury's TU clothing range. The colours are gorgeous and the finish is such high quality...on par with Mothercare's baby clothes for sure.

Here he is looking a little grumpy - he's a tired boy, hence the Tommee Tippee dummy:

It has been another nice day - Jake only woke up once in the night, at 3:45am for a bottle. He only took 4oz too, instead of the usual 6oz so perhaps he is showing signs of eliminating that night feed again (we had gone to sleeping through, but his recent growth spurt and brought the night a feed back).
@mummybexm - Jake's 10 Weeks Old today

We've had a lovely day playing on the floor again - rolling on to his side and reaching for toys and teddies.

Now that Jake's able to reach and roll for things, the hubby and I have realised we need to get him some more toys as he doesn't have many. Preferably some noisy ones to attract his attention and encourage him to want to roll over.

You can see that I have had the chance to use my milestone cards for the first time - we had them only last week so we missed many of the earlier milestone cards to use (I will post about the milestone cards separately)....

@mummybexm - Jake loves his Fisher-Price bouncer
At the lunch time nap - I took Jake out in the pram again. This time we walked along the river in town and looked at the ducks who were quite shy for a change. It was perfectly timed as Jake fell asleep just as I got on to the high street and slept for 1 hour and 20 minutes exactly at the right time, which meant he woke up refreshed for his afternoon bottle and play time at 2pm. Bless.

 PS. Mummy was good and resisted*

How was your day?

*Can't promise to resist Starbucks every time...

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