Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Baby Socks

One of the many funny little characteristics that my little man has is that he has HUUUGE hands and feet; my hubby has started calling him 'Wreck-it Ralph' lol :)

A lot of the gorgeous socks we have for our bub simply don't fit his feet and end up being tight. Baby socks are notorious for not staying on their feet, but for us that isn't the problem - they're too small!

This week I found a gorgeous set of 5 pairs of socks for £3 from Nutmeg at Morrisons. I tested them out on his feet and - amazingly they had such brilliant give that they went all the way up to his calves! Brilliant! Baby socks that actually fit him.

The designs and colours are so nice too, and in this seasons hot colour - burgundy. Here they are:

@mummybexm - Jake's socks from Nutmeg at Morrisons
I think the mummy and daddy ones are super cute, and the penultimate pair with the stars = super cool.

BUT - it gets better! When I got to the till they had 25% off the price! Hurrah!

Baby socks are always cute to look at - but at last we have 5 pairs that fit really well and are really cute and stylish.



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