Sunday, 23 November 2014

'HelpFun' Gadgets for Mums & Dads

'HelpFun' is a portmanteau* we use in our house for something that's helpful but also fun. With Christmas approaching quickly, the shops and websites are all bursting at the seams with 'stocking fillers' and quirky products designed 'For Him' or 'For Her'; the supermarkets and shops are practically falling over one another with offers and ideas.

The problem with Christmas is that, often, we're so bombarded with marketing and just general 'stuff' that as shoppers we begin to look for things that are suitable when we should really be thinking about whether they are desirable for our intended recipient.

Let's take men especially. It's a well known fact (apparently) that men are impossibly hard to buy gifts for...maybe they're fussy? Or perhaps they often get the things they want ahead of their birthday or Christmas. Maybe they're the type of guy that doesn't really know what they want, or perhaps are just modest enough not to go on about it... either way, often the only real suggestions when it comes to a 'Gift for Him' are body sprays, novelty socks and beer hats.

Surely there's more to choose from?..

I have been looking for something really fun and quirky for my husband, as his first Christmas a a Daddy. I can't post here what I ended up getting because Luke reads my blog (bless him - the only person!) but in my quest to find something 'HelpFun' for him I discovered so many great little products that, as parents, would make fab Christmas presents this year. Check them out:

1) The Scribble Writing Alarm Clock from - what a brilliant idea! As parents who are exhausted and busy, keeping note that you need to be here, or do that the next day is brilliant! Or maybe you just want to leave an 'I love you' for your wife or hubby after they got up to do those 3 night feeds last night.

2) The Spray Paint Projection Clock from is also another brilliant idea. It can be so distracting at night if you have a clock that throws quite a bright light around the room, keeping you awake (or encouraging you to clock-watch). This stops all of that and is a bit of fun. It's also portable, so great for taking with you on a night feed - without keeping a harsh light on, or if you're going away. I know you're thinking - I could just use my phone! - yes, but then you'd end up spending half an hour on twitter at 3am...just one more scroll...

3) Personalised to-do list from for those super-duper organised people who like making lists about the lists their keeping lists of! I, myself, am a lister - for work it is essential - so something personal like this that's also helpful is great. Would also be good to be personalised for your child and then you can keep daily lists of things that need to be sorted - or to help a grandparent remember nap times etc. when they babysit for the day,

4) Personalised 'Pucker Up' Make-up bag from is also a helpfun item for the ladies in your life. a great little puch to keep their mummy things together so that, when in the changing bag, their lipsticks don't taste (and possibly smell) of nappies. The personalised touch makes it that extra bit special and it could have multiple uses - definitely desirable rather than suitable ;-)

5) Star Wars R2-D2 money box from for putting aside those pennies and pounds so that, on a rainy day you can treat YOURSELF to something nice. After all, us parents deserve it.

So, when you're preparing for Christmas this year and thinking about what to buy your friends and loved ones, don't just think of the suitable - think of the desirables. They really will thank you for it.

Merry Christmas Shopping to all!


*Posrtmanteau means to blend words together to create a new one ;-)

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