Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to tell if your baby has begun Teething

Even before we become parents, we've all heard that phrase, 'Oh he's teething', to describe and excuse distressed babies and toddlers.

As first time parents we weren't sure whether little Jake has begun teething or not. He is only 11 weeks old (today!) but being 2 weeks overdue, we wondered if perhaps he really IS teething?

The NHS state that babies usually begin teething at around 6 months, but that some babies can begin even before they are 4 months and it is the front bottom incisors that will come through first.

How can you tell if your baby is teething?

The tell tale symptoms and signs are well documented, both in books and on the internet. The most common signs that a baby is teething are:

  • sore, red gums
  • cheeks can become more flush
  • increased dribbling
  • more gnawing and chewing of toys, fists or fingers
  • more fretful or grizzly
When the hubby and I looked at the list we noted that, actually, little Jake does have many of these symptoms at the moment.

So - we opened up a gift that we were given as part of our 'present parcel' by my sister when little Jake was born. 

It was a MAM 'Starter & Clip' aimed at early teething. The MAM teether is a cute cool blue and comes with a coordinated clip to keep it securely attached to your baby.

@mummybexm - Jake's starter teether and clip
The MAM starter teether is BPA free and light weight for small babies. The design allows it to be...
easy to grab and hold (which we've seen Jake can already do) and has different structures around the teether which massage the gums and are supposed to help soothe them.

The clip is attached to the teether by velcro and then uses a sliding mechanism to firmly attach to their clothes. We clipped Jake's on to his t-shirt tonight and it didn't budge - even after all his leg thrashing on the play mat!

So far, the teether seems to be a hit. Let's hope it stands the test of time...and growing pains!

Do you have any tips to help with teething?


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