Monday, 17 November 2014

Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

The last few days, Jake has been having a bit of a wonder week / growth spurt. He's been a bit hungrier and a bit sleepier.

Last night, hubby and I were keeping an eye on him via the baby monitor and we saw that he had turned over on to his side! It was the first time we'd seen him do it. Amazing!... of course, we were suddenly a little bit worried... should he be sleeping on his side? what about SIDS? I thought they could only sleep on their back? should we move him?...We went on like this for a while, and although I asked twitter for help nobody replied, until my sister-in-law did and said not to worry. So we left him until the dream feed at 10:15pm.

We were so thrilled with this little milestone. Jake had been a bit restless over the weekend and we knew it was because he was having some sort of developmental increase. Jake's almost 10 weeks old, but was born 8lb 1oz 2 weeks late having to be induced (he didn't want to come out, let me assure you!) so he's quite a 'big lad' anyway, and he feeds well having 6 x 6oz bottles in a 24 hour period...

Imagine our surprise when, at 2:45am this morning, he was awake and had turned the other way around at the foot of his cotbed. Hubby and I were like, "WTF? How'd he do that?"
Then we were like, "Aww he's growing up!!"
But quickly we realised, "Ugh. it's 2:45am, why's he wide awake?!"
Lol - needless to say it was an emotional roller-coaster of a night :)

This morning, per our routine, we were up at 7ish - nappy changed, poorly face moisturised and we were off into the living room to play. Having discovered Jake can now get on to his side, I set up his fleece and a few toys next to his Mamas & Papas play mat.

@mummybexm - Baby Jake's rolling adventure begins
Jake absolutely adores his baby blue 'Cheeky Monkey' fleece. His daddy and I bought it, as part of the bed in a bag set from Next - you can buy it here. It's a really fabulous fleece - great quality and washes really well. It's sumptuously soft and cuddly.

@mummybexm - baby Jake's having a good time on his 'cheeky monkey fleece from Next
At almost 10 weeks old, I am so proud of Jake - it's amazing to watch him change, develop and grow. Being a mum really is THE BEST thing in the world.

When did your little one first roll on to their side?


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