Thursday, 13 November 2014

Making them Mobile!

I customised and ordered this phone case, for my iPhone 5s, from Vistaprint not long after our little man was born. At the time, the site were offering a reduced price and I paid less than £10 for it! Not to mention that the service was great.

@mummybexm - customised phone case from Vistaprint
What I loved about the phone case was that I could completely design the cover - I chose my favourite photo of my hubby Luke looking at our little man, just moments after he was born. I then chose a black/white filter and added their names at the bottom. The 'LOVE' graphic is generic to their website, but I thought it was a lovely addition to the design... after all, it's all about the love.

Now, I can carry them with me wherever I go - and once I return to work (boo!) I know I'll just have to look at the case if I miss them.

What little tricks do you have that help you take your loved ones with you?


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