Sunday, 23 November 2014

Milestone Cards

Last week I made a really brilliant discovery and one that I sooooo wish I had known about before we had little Jake.

Now that little Jake is in to a routine (thank you CLB - read my post about it here), I have had more time to myself to browse the internet and watch the many TV shows I have recorded on Sky+ (I know - I'm so rock and roll). As a result of this, I stumbled across the amazing Milestone Cards. After shopping around I purchased a set from for £12.99 (free delivery) - bargain!

They finally arrived and I was soooo excited!

Immediately I could tell that the cards were of good quality. They came in a handy, sturdy and attractive box that is perfect to keep them safe.

Inside, there are 30 beautifully designed cards which help you document those memorable milestones as your baby develops. As well as little keepsake cards to put the details of your baby and a card telling you how to use them....

I really enjoyed looking through the cards, and was sad that there were several cards I wouldn't be able to use because I hadn't had the cards at the time my little Jake reached those milestones. These are the ones that I missed:
However, I was thrilled to find that there were plenty left I could look forward to using and - yes - I could use one this week, as Jake turned 10 weeks old:

Overall - these cards are brilliant and would make a really gorgeous gift for new parents. I wish we'd had them sooner. I'll have to make sure that I get a set of the toddler cards in plenty of time so I can mark all those achievements as Jake grows.

How do you capture those memorable milestones?



  1. I love these cards - what a fabulous idea. Wish I had known about them when my two were tiny babies, glad you found them early enough to start using them though :-)

  2. Aw thanks. I so wish I'd known about them earlier, too. But - I will make sure I use the remaining 23! Lol xx