Thursday, 13 November 2014

Nappy Nemesis

For the last 7 days, our little man has been 'exploding'. Yes, really.

Nappy changes have become a nuclear mission to avoid splatters and stains; quite frankly, it's a dangerous job that requires fastidious attention and skill. 

Where as he was pooping 3-6 times a day, with a whole grain-mustard like style, he is now 'exploding' a yellowy, slightly runny paste that quite literally plasters him (and quite often, the vest he happens to be wearing at the time). 

Gradually, I have become increasingly worried. Why is this happening? What is causing it? Is he poorly? Our little man is 9 weeks old now and 2 weeks ago weighed 13lb (born 8lb 1oz). So I rang our Health Visitor to get some advice. 

After leaving a voice-mail, the HV rang back and we talked through things. 
Is he feeding normally and eating well? Yes. 
Is he sleeping normally? Yes. 
Is he his usual self? Yes. One or two grumpy moments, but happy and smiling mostly. 
OK then - there's nothing to worry about, she said. 

Then, we realised that my hubby and I have been suffering coughs and colds and the HV suggested that perhaps, this sloppy nappy phase is his way of the cold coming out in him. Or - seeing as he's producing a bit more saliva - it could be the start of some teething. Either way - there's nothing to worry about for now, and that's a relief. 

Has your little one ever started doing something that was different and worried you?


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