Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Popping the Blogging Cherry...

Writing a blog is something that is, quite frankly, a daunting prospect.

Let's just stop and think for a moment; what's so scary about writing a blog?

Well, firstly there is the fear of 'putting it out there'. Once something is written and published, it can't be undone. Sure - you can delete something, or edit it, but the chances are that someone, somewhere has already seen it.

Then, there are also the 'demands' of blogging. It demands time, effort, thought and quite possibly a new mum, who will be back to work as a teacher in no time, this is a genuine concern.

Finally, the fear of being inadequate. I mean, what if my blog is rubbish? What if nobody reads it? Or worse...what if people do read it and then hate it?! Rejection is not so easy to overcome.

Right. the fears are out of the what are the solutions? In short, why am I still here and beginning this blog? Well, firstly I can eliminate possible 'mistakes' by taking time to read and preview my work before hitting publish and sending my thoughts off into the world. Secondly, whilst it's true time is limited, it is best to approach this task with a realism - putting aside set time each week to dedicate to this new hobby and interest. Finally, rejection is scary - but if just one person somewhere reads something I post that helps them in any way, whether it's advice, an idea, a solution, a laugh - then the other 999,999,999 people that might read it and hate it don't really matter, do they?

So then. Here it is. My first blog post...I haven't fallen into a black hole yet, so let's hope that my posts about family life, motherhood and the trials and tribulations of being a Teacher in a modern state Secondary school can be of entertainment and maybe even 'use' to someone out there.


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