Friday, 14 November 2014

Review: Free Prints App

Taking Photos - isn't this what all new parents spend the majority of their time doing (after feeding and nappy changing their babies, of course)? I know I do.
In the 9 weeks that Jake has been born, I have taken over 1000 photos and videos on my iPhone 5s... and I know it won't stop yet!

Why do we take photos? Well, I take them to preserve the moments of magic - the smiles, the outfits, the funny faces and the sheer gorgeousness of my little man. But - it's also really important because I send daily photos to my Grandparents who live away, and to my husband whilst he's working his shifts. I also post them on my Instagram or Twitter account to share with friends, and occasionally to my Facebook profile.

After Jake was born, 2 weeks late in September, I discovered a fantastic App for my iPhone: the FreePrints App (available on the App Store and for other devices, such as Android).

What is 'Free Prints'?
Well, on their website the company describe themselves as, "No Subscriptions. No Comments. Just Free Prints!" and they offer up to 45 free 6x4 photo prints every month - all you pay for is the postage and packaging.

The company are very clear about what's free and what isn't:
What's for free?
  • up to 45 free 6x4 prints per month
  • Limit 1 free print per photo
  • Max 500 6x4 free prints per year
What do you pay for?
  • any additional 6x4 prints you want per month
  • any sizes other than the free 6x4 (bigger/longer/wider sizes available for a very reasonable cost!)
  • the postage and packaging (which it claims is NEVER more than £3.99 a time).
I can honestly say, having used this app since September - their claims are entirely true. I have today received my 3rd order.

Let me take you through what it was like upon arrival ...

Firstly, my 'letter' arrived in an attractive and safe cardboard envelope, with my name, address and clear instructions not to bend/damage the photos.

Then, inside the cardboard envelope was the flip envelope itself.

The envelope is attractive and also details the 'sister' companies that FreePrints work with (you often get discounts and money off these services included with your photos).

It also shows you the different sizes that you can order your photos in (these are at an additional cost) but are perfect for special moments, memories or poses that you might want to treasure in a larger frame, or as a gift etc.

The photos themselves are of a very high, glossy quality. The colours are clear and crisp, without being harsh and will be printed in whatever format you upload them (note one of my photos was black and white).

Why print photos in this modern age of technology, blogs and photo sharing sites?

Well, I am the sort of person who likes keepsakes and mementos. I want baby Jake to have something 'real' he can look at and treasure as he grows - so we've started a real photo album, documenting him and his family. FreePrint photos are perfect to slot into most photo albums and will make for a lovely keepsake to share and treasure in years to come.

Overall? The FreePrints app is entirely worth the free download and has been one of the best bits of 'tech' I have come across since becoming a mummy. It's a must in our household...and even Nanny has uses it now on her Samsung!

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What 'tech' have you discovered and loved since becoming a parent?


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