Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Fun & Shopping rants!

Today, Nanny & Granddad came to take Jake for a walk around the local park.

So, we wrapped him up in his little outdoor suit and strapped him into his Oyster Max pram seat and sent him on his way.

@mummybexm - Jake in his TU outdoor suit and Oyster Max pram
The outdoor suit was a fantastic find! It is a Sainsbury's TU clothing item which was bought for Jake by his Nanny. You can see that he is very snug and happy in the suit - it has lots of positives:

  • funky design
  • warm fleece lining
  • fleece hood with faux fur trim to catch the wind
  • good fit, sized 0-3 and Jake is almost 10 weeks old
  • only cost £14! Bargain!
He had a wonderful time, looking at the trees, leaves and squirrels.

Jake's little trip out meant that whilst baby Jake was off on his outdoor adventure, we were able to run to Morrisons and do the weekly shop without having to battle all of those obstacles parents with small children face.

Actually, I might take the opportunity to rant a little about shopping...
When you have a small baby, going to do the 'big shop' is really difficult. You have to get everything together to take out with you; then you add in the reusable shopping bags so that you're doing your bit for the environment.

At this point you take the pram ANYWAY because your chances of getting a trolley that has a lie down flat option on the top for a baby is next to zero (I mean, do they even exist??). So by now, the space you WOULD have in the car for the full shopping bags is pretty much non-existent because your folded up pram is in there.

Then there is the parking... you drive round and round trying to find a parent and child space, which is pretty much impossible because, a) there are only about 6, and b) selfish non-parent people park in them for laziness. To try and be the grown up about this and NOT get out and beat them over the head with your folded up pram, you start looking for spaces that are generous or are parallel to a path etc. so you can easily get the car seat out. Finally, you find a space (whether it's generous or not - usually not) and you head in to the shop.

Now, at this point their are 1 of 2 routes:
1) you were lucky enough to find the mysterious trolley's with the baby lie down flat option and thus proceed into the supermarket and shop in a *fairly* stress-free way.
2) You have to get a trolley with your hubby also pushing the pram around, taking up oodles of space in the aisles and at checkouts, having to suffer other people's annoyed faces and clicking tongues and try to get it all done before the next nappy explosion or feed is due.

Overall? You can probably tell, shopping with a baby that can't yet sit up in a trolley is a bit of a bloomin' nightmare.

Solutions? Well, you could do online shopping - but it's unreliable as they often miss things from your order. Or - supermarkets could provide more parent and child spaces that are monitored and more trolleys with the baby lie-down flat option. Just sayin' ...

How do you cope with getting the shopping done?


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