Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tuesday 18th November - A Lovely Day

Today is Tuesday. It is no particular day, or date. No major events. No special achievements really...it has just been a lovely day!

Jake has followed his routine perfectly and been so happy and chirpy. We started the day at 7:15 this morning, when I gently roused Jake from his sleep by opening his door and putting the landing light on. Then I went to make myself a cuppa and put the morning telly on. By the time I came back he was giggling and smiling in his cot, having a lovely natter to his toy cows and Ewan the dream sheep.
@mummybexm - Jake loves to play.
Jake spent most of his 'awake time' today on the floor, rolling on his side, kicking his legs and gurgling at the toys and telly. It was wonderful to play with him and to watch him being able to entertain himself under my supervision. He is very much a happy and contented baby - I think a lot of that is down to the routine we've established thanks to the CLB (I have posted more on this here). Sure - he can be grumpy and clingy at times - he is often a little less happy in other people's houses but that's normal, because it is different. My hubby often calls him a little old man, lol!

We've been really lucky since Jake was born (and whilst pregnant) that people gave us gifts for him. Today, I put him in a gorgeous 'Gruffalo' babygrow that his Nanny bought him when I was only about 20 weeks pregnant. It was huge when he was born and he couldn't wear it...now he's snug as a bug in it! He really is growing fast now.

The Gruffalo babygrow is from TU and has a really cute matching hat that goes with it. Jake isn't a fan of hats, but he did let me put this on him for a while today - so maybe he liked this one? Bless.
It has a beautifully embroidered quote and a super cute fleece Gruffalo himself on the front. It really is adorable.
@mummybexm - Jake in his Gruffalo babygrow from TU at Sainsburys
After his morning nap and 11am bottle we took a walk and ventured into town. Jake really does love being out in the fresh air and taking a ride in the pram. He was very happy to look around at the trees and leaves, the lights and signs - and even come older people (he seems to like them!). He's really curious (nosey, we call it) and is interested in everything.

Then, right on cue, he went to sleep for his lunch time nap and I continued to browse the shops, walk around and treat myself to one of Starbucks' festive Honey and Almond hot chocolates. OMG they are AMAZEBALLS. Lovely. I want more...

Jake's already asleep now, having had his bed time bottle and when I watch him on the monitor I do sometimes wonder how he came from me... he's so lovely. We're so lucky.

What made your day special today?


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