Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What I Know Now

Finding out you're pregnant is a huge discovery. For some women it may not be the right time or circumstances, but for many of us - we've hoped and dreamed and now we're bursting with excitement. It is overwhelming and exhilarating.

The internet is flooded with baby products, advice and opinions on what you need and what to do. But, as a first time mum it is all a little overwhelming...and can be a bit daunting.

When I was pregnant I was over the moon and so excited...but I spent a lot of time being anxious and worried about what to do, how to cope and what I'd need. I had no experience of babies, really. I have nieces but I'd never had to look after them - just enjoy visiting them and having fun!

I'm not afraid to admit that I worried all the time that I would be a bad mum or that, because I am overweight my baby might not be perfect. My hubby and I would constantly talk about these worries, asking: What if we don't know what to do when we get home? What if we're rubbish parents? What if he doesn't like us? What if I haven't given my baby the best start? But the fact that we were so honest and 'together' in the process made it all bearable and a lot less daunting than if we had bottled these worries up secretly. 

We bought everything we thought we needed. We had loads of lovely clothes given to us as gifts, or passed on second hand from friends. We did research on bits and bobs and I did everything I could to be as healthy and vitamin-fuelled as I could so that my baby would be healthy and well. We asked friends and family for advice or tips and we communicated the whole time - discussing our hopes, excitement and worries as the due date approached...

I ended up being 2 weeks overdue and booked into hospital to be induced. Baby Jake arrived weighing 8lb 1oz with the help of emergency forceps. It was all a little overwhelming and emotional...but as soon as we saw him we knew we would love him no matter what. It wasn't like *poof!* suddenly we knew what to do...but we knew we'd do whatever it took.
@mumybexm - Jake at just 24 hours old
Those first few days back at home, in all honesty, were hard work. We didn't know what we were doing or what Jake wanted. There were laughs and tears. It was hard - but we were in it together and we had family to support us. We soon realised there were loads of things we needed - but hadn't known we needed them! And we spent copious amounts of time on google asking questions and searching for answers,

If I knew then what I know now I would tell myself to calm down. Don't worry. It will all be fine - you'll be great, and he'll love you. 'Cuz that's really how it went..

What do you know now that you wish you knew then?



  1. I think being kind to yourself is the one piece of advice I would give my new-mum self and take rest when you can. I had a real drive to do absolutely everything all myself and was terrible at accepting help which made me very exhausted. I think nothing really prepares you for life with a new baby though until you're there and doing it - the main thing is that as long as your baby is loved and you are meeting their basic needs, you are doing just fine x

    1. Aw Louise what a lovely comment and so true. I think you're spot on xx