Saturday, 15 November 2014

Wonderful Woodland Fun!

When baby Jake was a few weeks old, we realised that we couldn't just leave him in his moses basket when he was awake - basically because he's nosey and wants to look around a lot. But - as first time parents we were completely at a loss as to what else to do with him...I mean we couldn't carry him around 24/7 (you know, bathroom breaks are needed sometimes!). We had to find a solution...something safe, secure but fun for him.

Where do we go when we need help?
Almost always we go to our local Mothercare store! So, we packed up our trunks and headed off up to Merry Hill Shopping Centre.

Upon arrival, we realised we didn't really know what we were looking for. What can newborns actually use? What is suitable? We made our way through the store until we happened upon the bouncers and playmats etc. Immediately, my hubby Luke said, "We need a bouncer chair-thing!"... and so that's what we looked at.

We looked at a range of bouncers and swing chairs, but there were two companies whose products stood out: Fisher-Price and Bright Starts. We spent a lot of time debating between the 'Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker', the 'Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer' and the 'Bright Starts Up, Up and Away Travel Swing'.

All 3 were excellent and offered a safe and secure seat for baby Jake to sit in, whilst being colourful, aesthetically pleasing and interactive.

@mummybexm - Jake loves his Fisher Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer
In the end we ruled out the Fisher-Price Rocker, as it was over £50 and we weren't able to afford to spend that much money. That left the 'Woodsy Friends Bouncer' and the 'Up, Up and Away Travel Swing' - it was a tough call!

Finally, we decided on the Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer because the interactive play time toys were cuter and slightly bigger. Plus - when we used Mothercare Pricematch, we ended up saving over £10 - bargain!

After having some really great help from the staff at Merry Hill's Mothercare store, we left very happy (and having not spent a fortune) to get home and get it all out of the box.
The bouncer was extremely easy to assemble and once the batteries were popped in, Jake was bouncing away comfortably and safely within a few minutes, laughing and cooing at the owl (we affectionately refer to him as Barney the owl now). 

You can see from the photo collage that Jake loves his bouncer and he spends a lot of his 'alone time' in it, watching telly, listening to music we play him, laughing, cooing and talking to his friend Barney. 

What bouncer or swing does your little one have, and do they love it?


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