Monday, 1 December 2014

Being Thankful & Making Wishes

Although America has given us a lot of hyped up holidays and occasions, one of the cultural traditions I have always admired is 'Thanksgiving'. I am not religious - never have been - but I do think that it is something nice to give thanks for those things we're grateful for.

With this idea of being thankful in mind, I have looked back on my year and come up with several things I am thankful for and some wishes I want to make for the year ahead.

Firstly, I am thankful for:

  • My husband, Luke - he is an amazing husband. He is extremely supportive and was wonderful all through my pregnancy and since we've had Jake. He works hard at work all week, getting up at 4am on his early shifts, to look after us.
  • My family - especially my mum and my grandma - both of whom have been supportive, generous and kind.
  • My health - I'm not a small lady! I was terrified throughout my pregnancy that my weight might be an issue, that I might have an unhealthy baby. As it is - I have been healthy all year, with good blood pressure etc. all the way through my pregnancy.
  • My gorgeous baby boy, Jake - he is a miracle. He's so healthy, happy and bright. He's alert, responsive and everyone loves him. I don't really know what life was before we had him any more.
  • My strength - I'll be honest, I am a pessimistic person. It's a defence mechanism. BUT - I am strong. I don't easily give in or give up on things that really matter. I'm stubborn - and I am glad of it. My strength is what has helped me to become a good mum and to believe that I am.
I want to make 3 wishes for next year. I hope they come true:
  • It would be amazing if, by some chance, we could financially afford for me to stay at home with Jake for longer. At the moment I am set to return to work in February (I am dreading it).
  • Last year we lost Luke's granddad to cancer. This year I hope that all of our friends and loved ones stay healthy and happy.
  • We have a good year. For the last 2 years we've had an array of 'bumps in the road' including Luke being made redundant and having several temporary jobs through agencies etc. I hope the next 12 months bring us stability.
What are you grateful for? What are your wishes for next year?


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