Monday, 15 December 2014

Date Night

@MummyBexm - Luke and I on our wedding day
Saturday night was the 2nd 'Date Night' hubby and I had been on in the 3 months since Jake was born.

The first Date Night we had, we left JD with my mum for the night and we went to our favourite restaurant for a gorgeous meal...and spent the entire time talking about Jake. We were exhausted and as soon as we got home, with our bellies full, we were missing little JD so much. Everywhere we looked we saw his things...his bottles, his bouncer, his toys and we missed him loads. We also slept badly, worrying about him and worrying that he might be too much for my mum.

However, this time we were so much more relaxed and we enjoyed the time so much more. Since that first 'Date Night', Jake has spent plenty of time with my mum and she has had him on her own for an hour or so here and there. Luke and I are firm believers that children should know their family - and we want Jake to know everyone we love, and for him to love them too. We don't want him to be afraid to go with others - we want him to enjoy it.

We're so happy that Jake is sociable and comfortable with other people; he's quite happy to be held by, or to play with other people - it isn't just mummy and daddy he likes. He loves his Nanny, and he really likes my brother and his wife. These things are important to us. The more he grows, the more we want him to know and love the rest of our family.

So what did we do on 'Date Night'? 
Well, Luke and I have always been huge movie fans...
we have a large collection of blurays and DVDs. Before becoming parents, we went to the cinema a couple of times each month and would often combine those trips with meeting friends or going for meals. This Saturday was no exception. Hubby booked tickets for us to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in HFR 3D at our local cinema. We're both very keen Middle-Earth fans and have loved the previous 5 films that brought Tolkien's world to life. This final 6th instalment was no exception and it was EPIC. 

We also used the time to get together with some friends of ours and have dinner, one of whom is a colleague from school and he filled us in on the mighty changes that have happened since the new Head Teacher began his role in September. The conversation reminded me that I am returning to work very soon, and that was a reality I was trying so hard to ignore.

Overall, this second 'Date Night' was so much more relaxed and enjoyable. We weren't anywhere near as worried about Jake, and we weren't pining for him in the same way we were last time (but we were happy to see him safe and sound the next day - cuddles were needed!).We enjoyed the film - we have planned to see it since it was announced - and the catch up with friends was refreshing. 

But the best bit? The lie-in :)



  1. Ah lovely, so nice to have some time as a couple rather than just parents.x