Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Jake at 16 Weeks Old

Jake was born on a Wednesday. It was the 10th September 2014 at 2pm precisely that he was assisted out using forceps, after we were admitted to emergency surgery. He weighed 8lb 1oz.

Now, it has been 16 weeks and he is the most precious thing in my world, and followed closely by my wonderful hubby and my family. 

Over the last few weeks, Jake has had some troubles! But, he has also made some developments too. 

What are Jake's new tricks?
  • Definitely much stronger, and much better at tummy time. I blogged about our troubles with tummy time here, but now he's great at it. I've realised that it's all about the right place and timing initially. Once you crack that, it becomes much easier to work it into his daily routine. He likes it now - and he loves playing with his JoJo bunny.
  • Sleeping through the night from 6:30pm until 7am with a DF at 10:30pm. Apart from the tummy trouble we've had which gave us a few instances of waking up around 9:30pm and/or 6am - Jake now sleeps through with just a quick nappy change and DF at 10:30. He seems better for it too, though is still sleepy during the day, particularly in the afternoons.
  • Side-rolling. Jake is able to roll much further over onto his side, stretching out further. But - still hasn't rolled over. We're waiting...and trying to coax him!
  • Chatting. Jake now chats to his animal friends and his toys which 'ohh' sounds and other vowel sounds. He also likes to chat to us, the telly and anyone who will listen to him.
  • Mirrors. Jake now reacts to himself in a very animated way in the mirror. He will talk to himself, smile and laugh - he finds himself very entertaining!
  • Grabbing and holding. Whilst he's been able to do this quite well for a while now, Jake has started to really pull things towards him - everything goes in or close to his mouth for 'taste tests' and he has a strong, forceful grip (noticeably, when pulling mummy's hair!). He has also thrown small toys, like his OBall when frustrated...sign of a temper to come I think!
  • Pulling himself up. When lay down, Jake now attempts to pull himself up by holding your fingers, or even in a mini-sit up style :-)
  • Grabbing the bottle and trying to feed himself is quite a new one; he doesn't take his eyes off the bottle of milk at feed times and likes to hold it close. He will pull it back into his mouth if he can.
  • Jake is more aware of his surroundings - he reacts and responds to noises and lights, such as the TV, the Christmas lights and people talking. He now seems to respond to his name as well.
What are we still waiting for?
  • We're hoping that Jake will roll over completely soon - he's very close and we keep coaxing him.
  • Although Jake likes to sit up, he can't do this completely unaided for long. So, we're looking forward to this happening - and seeing him play in the bath!
Jake's doing really well. Just over a week to go and he will reach 4 months! 



  1. Ah bless him, it sounds like he's coming on a treat. Lia is 7 1/2 months now and at 2 months she could roll over but oddly she seems to have forgotten how. If she's on her front she sits herself up but on her back she just lies there. So Jake is doing great being so close to rolling at 4 months. Happy new year to you all.xx

    1. Aw bless Lia for being so clever! She'll remember I'm sure :-) happy new year to you xx