Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Jake's Letter from Father Christmas!

Back in September/ October I saw a fab feature article in Prima Baby Magazine that talked about things you can do with your baby. One of them was the idea of making a memory box - which is exactly what we have done for JD!

As this is his first Christmas, I wanted to get something special, and I found this...

The amazing NSPCC charity are offering a personalised letter from Santa for a donation to the charity. The NSPCC are vital to thousands of children in the UK. The charity offers help, support and advice to children who are suffering from abuse, of all sorts. They are often the only defence these children have.

I was thrilled when Jake's letter from Father Christmas arrived - it is so pretty!
You can create the letter and get more info here. So go on - do something amazing today, because 'every child is worth fighting for'.


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