Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Keeping Track; A Tip for First-Time Mums

One of the best things I have done, as a new mum, is track my baby. 

I have always been someone who keeps notes, lists and jots things down. As a Teacher - being organised and planned is a huge aspect of the job, so it has become second nature to do so in other areas of my life. 

One of the best things I did was start tracking baby Jake. I do it all by hand and keep it all in one little notebook that cost less than £1. If there was a half decent app for this I might consider it, but in all honesty I feel pen and paper is best for this. 

What do I track?
Every day I keep note of his sleep and awake times (naps and bed time). I also keep note of when he feeds and how much he has. On top of this, I find it useful to track when he has a poop or if he is sick, or if his poop/ behaviour changes dramatically. I then note in how many weeks old he is.

Why do I keep track?
Firstly, your midwife and health visitor always ask you how. Uh your baby is feeding and pooping when they come to visit you after the birth - so it's really good to know, so you don't feel too clueless. 

Secondly, I like to track because it helps me establish patterns and routines - you start to see trends in their sleep and behaviour. I also know when to expect a poop and this prepares you for outings etc. 

Thirdly, keeping track allows for consistency - so if JD goes to stay with Nanny for a few hours then she knows what to expect.. Or, if Daddy is looking after JD he can see what we've done and use it as a guide. 

Finally, a great reason to track is to spot any illness or changes in baby - it was through keeping track that I noticed JD showing signs of not being quite right, which has led to the Doctor prescribing him with Milupa 1 milk. We're yet to get anywhere further with this as we need to do a full 4 weeks.

What do my notes look like?
Essentially they're scribbles on a page, but they date right back to the day JD was born and his first ever feed, which was breast milk in those days. 
Does anyone else track their baby? It's a really useful habit and brilliant for first-time mums.



  1. I'm much more one for playing it by ear but I'm impressed with your organisation! You should look up the Suck UK 100 year diary. Someone bought one for Libby that I love so much I've bought lia one as well.xx

    1. Yes they look really cool! A great way to track :)

  2. Hey lovely, loving your blog. I used the Baby Connect app to track my little man. I'd end up losing any manual notes!:( loving your blog xx

    1. Hey! I tried the baby connect app when I first had Jake (thought it would save me time and hassle! Lol) but I had problems as it froze a lot. Must give it a go again, actually - now he's older. Thanks for the reminder and the kind words xx happy new year to you and yours this week!