Tuesday, 16 December 2014

MAM Teething Products Review*

Anyone who has children, or has had children, will know that when they are teething it is NOT fun.

As a first time mum, I had always heard people say 'Oh they're teething' to explain the incessant crying, moaning, whining, drooling, chewing little bundle of love that was adorably looking at you whilst they continued to sob. I didn't really know anything about what it might mean...and I certainly hadn't thought about how to help a baby who was teething.

Luckily, when Jake started teething I had my mum and sister in law to offer some advice. JD seems increasingly wanting to chew and bite everything that passes near to his mouth; toys, muslin squares, blankets, clothes, bibs, hands, baby wipes... you name it and basically he'll chew it! The drooling is pretty much constant (I'm thinking of nicknaming him Slimer!).

Plus, I was even more fortunate that the fabulous people at MAM UK offered to send me some products that might help, so I could try them out and review them.

The MAM Company Principle underpins everything that we as parents expect from our products: we want them to 'support the individual development of every child and make everyday baby life easier' - exactly what MAM claim to hold as their passion.

What was in the post?

  • The 'Bite & Brush' suitable for 3+ months (has soft bristles for gentle cleaning)
  • The 'Mini Cooler & Clip' suitable for 2+ months (can be put in the fridge to cool and soothe)
  • The 'Pod' (handy storage pod-like pouch)
All 3 products (along with the Starter Teether & Clip I reviewed here) have been thoroughly tested by Jake - especially this morning) and seem to be perfect for his need to chew chew chew! 

Both the 'Bite & Brush' and the 'Mini cooler' have curved ring handles which is shaped to make it easier for babies to grab. They are extra light - which makes them ideal for younger babies to hold and lift. This is important as some of the teething products out there are heavy and clunky - too much for a 3 month old's little hands.

Both teethers have different ridges and structures on them. These biting structures help to give a comfy feeling and relief from teething - they help to massage their sensitive gums (awwww). 

The 'Pod' is a great idea! I have been clipping mine to my changing bag and using it to keep the starter teether in for when we go out. If you use a dummy - you could also keep those safe and clean. The slip is also great - I now have two (as my MAM starter teether came with one) and I have used one to clip the teethers to the play gym and the bouncer chair - of course, you could clip it onto their clothes as well, and I sometimes do this. The clip is a simple velcro fastening so can be used with other things too e.g. a dummy, small toy etc.

Jake has been putting these products through their paces and I have to say that he does seem to like them. They're easy for him to grab and then ram into his mouth without any dangerous sharp edges or fluffy bits to worry about. They're super easy to clean and nicely designed.

You can see from the photos that Jake can easily hold these teethers, and they are light weight. The 'Mini cooler' is also shaped in a way that lets them reach the gum further back. 

Overall: The MAM teething products have been a big hit with JD and I'm pleased with the design and quality. I would definitely recommend them to other mum's with younger teething babies. You can browse and shop for their products here.

I still think his favourite is Mummy's thumb knuckles though! 

What tips and tricks do you use when your little one is teething?

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  1. Teething can be such a difficult time; great to know it won't last forever. It's definitely helpful to have products to support our little ones during this time and MAM does a brilliant job of making super cool practical products, don't they! I wish I tried MAM teethers earlier, I love the Bite & Play which we reviewed and I'll buy others in their range when the next one comes along in the future.

    I might get the bite and brush for my 13m old; brushing is something I'm really trying to get a hang of at the moment, with him.

    I wonder if the pod fits all their teethers too.

    Anyway, thanks for the review; always good to read how other mums get on with products one is interested in.