Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Those of you who follow Jake regularly will know that we've been battling tummy issues for the last month and a bit. Jake seems to have problems with his poop - 9 out of 10 poops are poonamis and we regularly have to strip his clothes and bed sheets on a morning.

After speaking with the doctor several times, finally they suggested we try treating it as a cow's milk allergy and they've been prescribed 'Milupa Pepti 1' milk - so far, we're seeing no changes in his poop habits.

However, this last week we've seen symptoms of what seems to be Reflux. It appears that after 2 weeks on the prescribed Milupa, Jake is not taking it well. 

Last night he was sick in his bed and on us after his bed time bottle at 6:30pm.

What symptoms does he have?
  • Crying after taking his bottle
  • Arching back and stiffening his legs
  • Needing to be burped (and in some cases fart!)
  • Bringing up milk repeatedly after a feed
  • Crying when put down on his back
  • Hiccups throughout the day
What are we trying to do to prevent & combat this?
  • We have changed his teat flow to allow him more control (and at night we use a slow flow to avoid him gulping it down).
  • We stop him during feeds to rest a little and wind him - he doesn't like this and will always cry/moan
  • We sit him upright to feed, rather than inclined in our arms
  • After the feed, we wind him for a while and keep him sat upright for at least 5/10 minutes after that
Lots of people have said 'just switch to the comfort milk' but whilst we're doing the 4 weeks to rule out the cow's milk allergy, on the prescribed Milupa, we can't do this. We also think it's the Milupa that has brought it on to begin with, as reflux was not an issue before.

@mummybexm - our poorly boy this evening
I have just received my monthly subscription of PrimaBaby Magazine and they have a fantastic article on reflux in there. Their ideas for prevention are things that we already do, though. So, we're still at a loss. Poor kid - teething, runny bum, wonder weeks leap 4, changes in milk, reflux - I dunno how he's still smiling!

Does anyone else have any tips or ideas re: Reflux?



  1. Aw bless him. Sorry to hear he's having such a tough time. Really sorry I have no suggestions but I hope you get it sorted soon.xx

  2. Matthew didn't have reflux but it could take a while sometimes to get wind up. We normally winded him after 3 oz of milk. Like you we always fed him up right too. You are doing the right things.

  3. Sorry you're having problems lovely, I did a vlog about Toby's reflux and although his was silent, except for the vomiting it's basically the same. Have you raised the head of his crib? We put two cook books under the legs of the crib and that helped. Toby does have a cow's milk protein intolerance so the change in milk helped us, so I'm afraid I can't help with that side of things xx

    1. Ah OK Hannah. The only thing we haven't done is the lifting head of the cot. Will need to try that next I think - BUT - we have seen an improvement today by slowing feeds and keeping him upright as much as possible, which is something x

  4. My daughter had reflux, we tried everything and in the end I cut down her milk by one ounce that helped and we were prescribed Baby Gaviscon this relieved it. I used 1/2 a sachet every other bottle, I also weaned her at 17 weeks this also helped. Good Luck, its not pleasant...

    1. Thank you - a lot of people have said that weaning might be what he needs. Will certainly see. He isn't quite old enough yet. Can you buy baby gaviscon or is it prescription only?

    2. You can buy baby gaviscon but I'd advise if it work's get the prescription as soon as possible. We use two sachets per feed and theres 30 sachets in a box so 15 feeds. This is 5days worth now but when we first had gaviscon it was only 2 and a bit days. Each box is about £5 so can get expensive quick xx

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