Friday, 19 December 2014

Update: CLB Sleeping & Feeding Routine

I am always completely empathetic to those parents out there who's babies and toddlers are waking 2 or 3 times a night, keeping them awake. 

I've been there. We've all been there. We'll all be there again...and again over their pre-adolescent years. 

Getting our babies to sleep through the night is the gold dust of parenting - we're all searching for that magic ingredient. When we first had Jake the hubby and I were desperate to know the sleep secret too, as Jake was crying for food every 3 hours from when we started, in every 24 hour period. It was getting to be exhausting and I really couldn't see how we could carry on with this, knowing I didn't have more than 4 months off work on maternity. 

I discovered Gina Ford's Contented Little Baby routine and I haven't looked back. I blogged about our discovery and how we cracked it here, and also how we cracked the issue of Jake self-settling and self-soothing here.

Now that Jake has passed his 3 month mark, I wanted to give a little update on Jake's progress with the routine...

Jake's day now looks like this...
  • 7am - wake up, change nappy and get dressed. Play time!
  • 8am - 7oz milk, wind him - play time!
  • 9:15 to 10am - Nap time Zzzz
  • 10am - wake up, change nappy and play time!
  • 11am - 7oz milk, wind him - play time! 
  • 12:15pm to 2pm - change his nappy and nap time up until 2pm.
  • 2pm - wake up, 7oz milk, wind him, change nappy and play time!
  • 4pm he can have 30 minutes sleep before 5pm.
  • 5pm - play, bath time every other night, read a story, listen to music.
  • 6:15/6:30 - 7oz milk and then in bed and asleep by 7pm.
  • 10:20pm - gentle wake up, change nappy and feed 7oz milk. Back to bed and sleep for 11pm!
Every day is the same - the only differences we have are the LTN - some times he has as little as 45 minutes here and is up before 2pm. I'm really glad that I found CLB and that I persevered through those first few difficult days; it has been soooo worth it!

What's your day look like?


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