Monday, 15 December 2014

What Jake's Been up to Today

@MummyBexm - Jake's floor time pose
After an awful day of teething, crying and being constantly clingy yesterday,we have had a nice day today. Jake has been up to his old tricks - rolling around on his fleece blanket, and talking to himself in the mirror of his Mamas & Papas Octopus Tummy Time playmat.

There were moments this morning, whilst I attempted to coax JD to roll over that I really thought he was going to do it! It would have been amazing if Jake had rolled over onto his tummy...I'm really looking forward to that next milestone.

Surprisingly we've had a lot of people ask about Jake's outift today! The top is from F & F at Tesco, and the joggers are from TU at Sainsbury's. Personally, I love him in green :-)

Also, you can see from the photo that Jake's teething is aggravating his facial eczema again - his one cheek seems to be flaring up more than the other, bless him. He's also got a very runny bum - which is making all of the poo-splosions just soooo much fun to clean up...NOT. We've had to change his clothes and bed sheets a few times in the last week.

Once Daddy was home, we also went for a walk along the canal and into the town centre, where we perused some shops and bought a little bit of shopping. JD fell asleep within minutes, and he missed seeing the ducks.

What did you do today?


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