Sunday, 21 December 2014

What Mummy Wants for Christmas

This year is my first Christmas as a mummy!

There are lots of things I'd like: a 30 minute nap every afternoon; an extra hour in bed every day; several HOT cups of tea in the morning, and to be able to stand in the shower for 10 minutes, without rushing, just because the hot water's relaxing. But - when I asked Santa for these things he simply laughed and asked me to be realistic!

So I wrote a new list for myself; it might give you some ideas for other mums out there...

  1. Jimmy Choo EDT - smells divine and I do love perfumes! (I know, I'm such a cliché);
  2. vouchers - these are always really useful as I read a lot, so I can get books/ Kindle books easily.
  3. Boots No.7 Goodies - I am slowly getting myself into using make-up properly... I have never really been a 'made up' woman!
  4. New bag for work - I have seen a few I like, but this Pink Lining Tote and fold over are both lovely!
  5. Multi Photo Frame - I love photographs and I have so many of Jake & family. I adore this frame from Not on the High Street
  6. Pandora charm - I have a lovely Pandora bangle with some charms already. This charm, or another, would be a lovely addition. 
I hope Santa got my new, realistic list! Would be nice to get something for me and not just for baby JD (he's all I spend my money on these days!!).

What's on your list?

Merry Christmas shopping everyone!



  1. Hello I have just seen your comment on my blog, your blog is really good and very easy to read! I will be checking out these Sassy Bloom Boxes! xxxx

    1. Oh hi! Thank you - I hope you get on with Sassy Bloom x