Saturday, 31 January 2015

#Drop30 Week 3

My Stats:

Weight lost: -1 lb
Total lost so far: -8.5lb
Overall mood: mixed
Weeks left until my 30th birthday: 27

My Thoughts:

What did I find tough?
It seems that time is slipping away from me rapidly now, as my return to work is almost imminent and this is making me anxious, stressed and somewhat fed up. These 3 feelings make me want to EAT! However, I have reined it in still and kept my eyes on the prize.

Jake has had 2 nursery sessions this week which was tough, but also a relief after they went well. We've been out and about, which makes it hard to resist temptations - especially when you go to Costa Coffee and you have to resist cake!

I also found it tough to think of things to have with the main part of my evening meal e.g. if having curry, what else could I have besides rice or veg?

What has gone well?
I resisted cake! I resisted cake every day! I ate no bread, even though I really wanted some and Jake has had a good week.

Overall:I am pleased with how my #drop30 challenge is going. In 3 weeks I have gotten rid of a good chunk of the 30lbs I have challenged myself to lose before my 30th birthday in August. I hope I can keep up the positive trend, now. We have 2 meals out this coming week for family birthdays so that's going to be hard!

Wish me luck!


  1. Well done hun! You're really on a positive streak and losing is losing no matter how little (and of course in this instance being a loser is AWESOME!!! lol!) I cannot believe you resisted cake! You are one strong woman! Keep it up. And don't stress too much when you're out this week. Enjoy it. You deserve it!!!

    Sal xxx | UmmBaby