Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday January 2nd 2015

Just a short post tonight. 

Jake had a very good day today! We had a very happy, content little boy all morning. We took him for a walk in the pram at lunch time and, once he'd fallen asleep, daddy and I stopped for coffee. 

After this, we took Jake to see my mum and step dad, and then to a carvery for Luke's Aunty's family birthday meal. Jake got lots of cuddles, but it was soooo hot in there it all got a bit too warm for him and he was quite grumpy (even after we stripped him down to a vest!).

We ended the day with a lovely bath and some time listening to 'Old Macdonald' on YouTube! 

Happy Weekend everyone. Xx


  1. He's a handsome little fella. Looks like he's going to a typical gadget obsessed male! My little one loves phones, tablets and such as well :) xx

  2. A stroll and a coffee sounds bliss! Have a fabulous weekend.xx

    1. Thanks NatalieM it was really nice thank you x
      Happy weekend!