Monday, 19 January 2015

Lady GaGa's 80th Birthday

Yesterday we spent the day at my Grandparents' house in Wellingborough to celebrate Lady GaGa's 80th birthday! Lady GaGa is what we've all decided Jake will call his great-Grandma Biggs, after she began sending whatsapp messages to him saying 'luv gaga' ... and so it stuck! She's really savvy for her age - she has a mobile phone which she uses really well, including the use of whatsapp messenger, and she has an iPad mini which she uses - and Facetimes us with! She's a groovy granny :-)

From where we live, the journey to my grandparents' house takes close to 2 hours. Although that doesn't sound a lot, in baby schedules it's only just enough time between feeds and nappies! Due to this, we were anxious to set off as early as possible so that we could spend a good few hours there before having to head home for the bed time routine.

Jake always takes a bottle at 8am, so we fed, winded and changed him then set off on our journey. To ensure we had everything we needed, we packed nappies, baby wipes, muslin, change of clothes and vest, toys, fleece blanket, coat, 2 sterilised bottles plus 2 lots of milk powder and 2 ready made Aptamil bottles for emergency.

The morning journey was gorgeous; cold, crisp freshness with bright sunshine. There were very few other cars about and the roads were clear. After an hour, I had two sleeping boys (read 'husband and son') in the back and could drive in peace with my music on. Was actually fun!

We arrived a little earlier than expected and it was lovely to see my Grandma! She was so happy to see us all, and Jake was greeted with lots of cuddles and kisses from everyone.


After much fun and giggles with Great Grandma and Grandad, Jake was tired; we put him down to nap on the Grandparents' bed and he was out like a light - a solid 2 hour nap! Which meant he missed all the buffet food, candles and cake!
Lady GaGa had just made her wish and blown the candles out!
It was a lovely day, and we had a fantastic time. It was so lovely to see my grandparents; my uncle and his partner Nic; our cousin Ellie; my mum and step dad, and my sister Jess. It was also lovely for everyone to see Jake and spend some time with him - we don't see the Wellingborough family often because it's 4 hours out of the day just travelling. 

I love my Grandparents so much - they were a huge part of my childhood. My brother, sister and I spent most of our school holidays travelling over to their house to stay. We played in their gardens and their allotment; we built dens in the woods at the back of their house; we played cops and robbers on our bikes in the little rural village they lived in, and we walked their corgis up across the fields. When we weren't playing outside in the fresh air and getting muddy, we were eating scrummy home cooked food and playing board games or reading books. Some of my fondest memories are from those years. I can only hope Jake has the same fondness about his grandparents when he is older.

Love you GaGa - happy 80th xx

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