Monday, 5 January 2015

Reflecting On Blogging; 2 Months On

It has been two months since I wrote my first blog post (this one) and 'popped that blogging cherry'. Here's my reflection:

1) Why did I start blogging?
Mainly, I wanted to have somewhere to write down my thoughts and feelings about life. Mainly, life as a first-time mum. I have found motherhood very enjoyable - more so than I imagined! But, I have also found it overwhelming at times as there's so much I wasn't prepared for, and knew nothing about.

I also began the blog to carve a little time out for myself. Some 'me' time.

2) What have been the positives?
Unexpectedly, there have been many positives to starting my blog! Along with it came the creation of a new twitter account - @Mummybexm - and an overhaul of my Instagram account too. This has helped me find lots of other mums and dads to chat too which has been great.

I have really enjoyed getting to know twitter/blogger people like @Thedadnetwork, @PlutoniumSox, @liquoriceuk, @JennaL0uiseD a little better & the likes of Mel and Tina from the 'Fans of GF FaceBook group' I'm a member of.

Plus, starting to blog has been really therapeutic for me; I really enjoy sharing these streams of consciousness about life as a first-time mum and chronicling Jake's little adventure in life. 

Receiving comments on my posts has been a welcome surprise - to find that people have actually read my posts and have taken the time to leave a comment is really humbling - I am grateful that people offer advice, tips or support - or share a little of their lives with me. 

Importantly, I have grown as a blogger. I began as a novice and now I am emerging - I am no longer entirely ignorant to the world of blogging. I am getting a little better at putting posts together, and beginning to understand a bit more about the blogging world.

3) What challenges have I faced?
A huge challenge I have faced (and still do) is that I know nothing about the technical side of blogging - the HTML. This is a huge area of blogging that is really important - and it frustrates me that I know nothing of it. 

I also find it frustrating that I can't take/ edit beautiful photos that so many others can do. 

4) What are my next Steps?
I am really excited to be working with the super talented Helen Braid in February, as she will be helping me create a whole new design for my blog. I have already been busy 'pinning' ideas and creating a sort of mood board, here. If you haven't seen Helen's work, you can check her out here - she's amazing!

I need to learn more about blogging, photography and google analytics. I feel this is a major challenge for 2015 and hope that some of the existing bloggers I know will help me with this. 

What might your answers be to those 4 reflection questions? What are your next steps for 2015?



  1. Thank you for the mention, has been lovely getting to know your through your blog and looking forward to reading more and seeing your new blog design when it is ready :-)

    1. Aw thanks Louise! Look forward to chatting a little more with you too x

  2. Look forward to seeing your new design when it's all done and to reading your posts as your blog grows! x

    1. Thanks so much Blogging Mamma! Me too - can't wait to work on the new design with Helen (Ellie Illustrates) xx