Thursday, 29 January 2015

Review: January Sassy Bloom Box

This month I was super pleased with my Sassy Bloom Box for Jake; it was full of useful products which we either needed, or had researched and planned to buy!

Jake was really pleased to see his latest Sassy Bloom Box, and was quick to get it unwrapped (mummy was too)...

Here's what was in the box and what we've thought about it:
  • Ashton & Parsons Infant Powders – RRP £5.99: This is very relevant at the moment, as Jake is showing symptoms of being troubled by his gums. We often use Nelson's 'Teetha' but was pleased with how this had a calming influence on Jake once we had tried it.
  • Green People – Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve – RRP £9.95: Those of you who follow Jake regularly will know that he does suffer with skin irritation and infantile eczema. Although we've only used this a few times since receiving it, it does have a nice feel to it and hasn't worsened his skin (too early to see any real change). It also can be used as nipple cream, although that doesn't apply to me as I don't breastfeed.
  • Taggies Carrier Cushion – Blue – RRP £9.99: Super, Super happy with this! Luke and I had been looking for one of these in TKMaxx recently, but they were all a little too girly. THis is brilliant and Jake is loving the little dangly toy. Not only does Jake like it - but it has really helped to alleviate that pain when carrying the heavy car seat!
  • Sassy Pour and Explore Water Whirl – RRP £7.95: We have yet to actually try this with Jake - he can't sit up yet, so can be difficult to really play at bath time. Looking forward to using it though!
  • Metanium Planner with pen – £1.99: This was of no use to us, and really should be given to new mums not once baby is almost 5 months.
  • Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment – £1.99: Another useful product and once we'll try out once our current barrier cream finishes.
  • Halilit Rainbow Shaker – Green – RRP £5.99: We were super pleased to receive this. I had been planning to make something similar at home with rice and chickpeas, but pleased that this came in the box. Jake loves the sound and it is something that is going to get a lot of use!
  • Tommee Tippee Explora Easiflow Cup 4-7m – Blue – RRP £4.16: SUPER pleased this came - we were about to buy one when we were going chopping - it was on our list! So glad we didn't. We haven't used it yet, but gave it to Jake to practice holding and we'll be trying it out very soon, once we begin weaning. Pleased that it was a good, trusted brand.
  • Organix Strawberry & Banna Porridge 4+ – RRP £0.80p: Again - pleased this was in the box as we're about to begin weaning and we've added this to the pile of goodies to try :)
  • Personalised Bib – Blue – RRP £5.00: We were chuffed to see this in the box. Anything personalised is an added little bonus and it will make it into our keepsake box, which I talked about here. Lovely addition to the Sassy Bloom box.
Jake also likes the pretty ribbon too...
Overall: I was really pleased with this months Sassy Bloom Box. It was full of things we need, or have wanted to purchase. Very good overall. If you would like to purchase Sassy Bloom and save yourself £10 - then use my referral code SASSBEXM here.

NB: I do not receive free boxes to review. I have paid for this 3 box subscription. Opinions are my own.


  1. I have ordered my first box a few days ago and should receive it next week as it has been dispatched. Looking forward to see what's in it.

    1. That's fab Janine! Really hope you like it :) We have enjoyed the three we've had :)

  2. Aw wow looks like you had some lovely items! I do like it when there's something personalised and I love when you get something you were looking into.
    glad you enjoyed your box!

    1. Yes me too :-) handy when the stuff is useful!