Thursday, 29 January 2015

Review: Mamas & Papas long-sleeve body suits

When Jake was born, I was really lucky to receive lots of presents and gifts from friends and family members. One of those gifts was a gorgeous pack of Mamas & Papas long-sleeved body suits in size 3-6 months from the lovely Scarlett, who was actually my sisters friend (but we have always been friendly ourselves). 

I loved them immediately, and couldn't wait until Jake was big enough to wear them.

Now, fitting snugly in size 3-6 month clothing, I have had time to try these gorgeous bodysuits out... And I love them!

What's great?
  • Soft fabric that is quality, washes well and doesn't loose shape or fit
  • Trendy, funky designs for a boy without being stereotypical e.g. No tractors!
  • Contrasting edges which complement and support the design, helping to give a good fit and style

Since receiving these I have bought a few more items of clothing from Mamas and Papas to wear now and to grow in to. Fantastic!

Now I just need to get my hands on one of their gorgeous Armadillo Flips or Urbo2s for my 
small car boot! Love them. 


  1. I do love the quality on mama's & papas. They always feel so soft and yet they last and wash well!

  2. Never bought Mamas & Papas clothing because I find them expensive but these look cute even though I never put long sleeve vests on Matthew.

    1. Thank you. Like you I find it expensive and, after having these as a gift, I bought two more things (1 to wear for best and one to grow into).

    2. Though you really can feel the quality. I think they're slightly better than Marks & Spencers stuff, which I love. X

  3. I love them they look like great quality

    1. Oh thank you for the comment! They are fab - totally recommend :)