Saturday, 28 February 2015

Parenthood in Lists

This weekend we had an early morning shopping trip to Merry Hill Centre. I came away with lots of goodies for Jake and this little beauty...

I am all about keepsakes and memories. I want Jake to have plenty of things to look back over and know all about his life and our lives too. I hope that when he's old enough he will be interested, and maybe when he's our age he might share these things with his own children. 

What I love about this is the simplicity of it; the design is clutter free and completely manageable for busy parents.

The beginning of the books asks you who is writing it and whilst I'm the writer - Daddy is contributing too verbally. It can't all be about what mummy thinks - dads matter too. 

Something like this is unique to each child. My baby's favourite songs won't be the same list as your baby's - and that's why I like it because it is only about you and your family. 

It would make a lovely baby shower gift or a present for new parents - replacing the stereotype pink/blue baby book with rattles and bows. 

I think it's a winner. 

NB: You can pick one of these up for £10 in Waterstones. 
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This year will be my first Mother's Day!

I have always thought it was important to honour Mother's Day - for the majority (there are exceptions!!) it is Mum who keeps the house running and the family together. For me that is especially true as my mum raised us as a single parent - seeing dad just at weekends. 

I've been thinking about what would make a lovely gift on Mother's Day, but won't break the bank. Here's my list of Top Picks:

1. A beautiful wild flower arrangement - £35 - from - there is something better about flowers when they are natural and wild; it makes them that much more special than a bunch of roses from the supermarket.
2. A personalised mug - £14.75 - from - I love this style of personalised mug, and so much better than something standard from the card shop! Cute :)
3. Super fun coin purse - £12.95 - by Disaster Designs available on I have a bag and purse of theirs and they are lovely! 
4. Deliciously delicate silver and pink murano glass charm bead for Pandora - £30 - at T H Baker - I think this is such a simple and elegant charm - it's on my list!!
5. The 'Ginny Dragonfly' scarf - £25 - from Monsoon - Scarves can be really pretty and will often make an outfit that much more fun. A nice gift for any Mum!
6. The delicious Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDT - £55 - from
7. A yummy, scrummy breakfast in bed!
8. An extra hour in bed and let her sleep a little longer for once.

So there you go! My top picks for Mother's Day that won't break the bank. What are you hoping for?

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fast Forward 5 Years: Daddy's Wishlist

Daddy Luke has decided to make another appearance here on the blog!

We were chatting about the future, further children and things we're looking forward to now that we have baby Jake. There were lots of things we agreed on...and some things we couldn't agree on!

Here are Daddy Luke's top 5 things he's looking forward to in the next 5 years with Jake:

1. Orlando, Florida - Luke and I went to Orlando, Florida for our honeymoon in August 2013. We stayed at the Universal Resort Hotel and had a glorious 14 days exploring all of the thrills, spills, splashes and dashes that the magical resorts had to offer. Luke can't wait to take Jake with us when we return, and especially to see the new Harry Potter Hogwarts Express & Gringotts attraction at Universal.

2. Friendships - Luke says he is really looking forward to Jake making friends and seeing him play with other children.

3. Getting into Sport - another thing that Luke is looking forward to is seeing Jake get into sport. We're hoping it isn't the typical football, as neither of us is really a footie fan - maybe rugby? Whatever he likes though will be fine.

4. Love Star Wars - One of the many things you might not know about Luke is how much he LOVES Star Wars. He is a huge fan and has been since he was a child. His favourite characters are Yoda, Han Solo and Darth Vader and he prefers the old trilogy over the new, prequel films (even though he likes those too). He can't wait for Jake to love Star Wars too so they can FanBoy all about it!

5. Seeing Jake Read - Luke, like me, is into books and reading. Can't wait to see Jake reading books (or trying to) by himself. 

So there are Daddy's top 5 things he's looking forward to with Jake. What are you looking forward to? What have you enjoyed the most so far?

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Kindness of Strangers

Jake has a fan!

We live in an apartment - our's is 1 of 4 in its separate complex and then behind us is 4 blocks of apartments which are 3 storey's high, overlooking the canal. In one of those apartments is an old lady who lives by herself. Luke and I have always spoken to her when we've seen her in the car park or around town, and along the canal walk. She is lovely, and her name is Joyce. 

As soon as we had Jake and we took him out, if we saw her she would always stop to see him and comment on how lovely she thought he was. She even have him his first £2 coin for his savings box! 

Last week she caught me on my way to work, and the first day of dropping Jake off at nursery. Needless to say, I was a little emotional and she was very kind.

Today, as I was leaving to take Jake to nursery (which he loved by the way!) I ran into Joyce outside our complex - she was just about to ring our buzzer! She said she was pleased she'd caught me as she had something for Jake, and she pulled out this M&S bag. Inside was this lovely ball!

It was so kind and thoughtful of her! She told me not to worry myself as she had bought it in the sale for him and it hadn't cost her much, but she seemed so happy to have done this for him. She had a little chat with him in his car seat and then went on her way.

I was so touched by her kindness. What a lovely thing to do! I felt that I had to do something in return, and so, I have had a little thank you card done with a photo of Jake on and sent it to her in the post as a nice surprise in the next few days.

The kindness of strangers can be so surprising; it really made my day, and Jake has played with the ball this afternoon.

Has anyone ever done something like this for you? Or you for someone else?

Monday, 16 February 2015

What We Have Learnt About Ourselves Since Becoming Parents

Becoming a parent is life changing. There really is no other way to say it.
Your life, your views, your feelings and emotions all change in some way or other.

My Hubby and I decided to take a look at what we've learnt about ourselves since becoming parents. Here's what we found:

What I've Learnt About Myself Since Becoming A Mummy
  • I have an abundance of patience for my child, and actually for others as a Teacher too
  • I can be very loving and gentle (even though I get riled up by the news!)
  • I am much less bothered by what people think about the way I look - hey! if you've given birth you really don't care any more...
  • I love my husband even more than I realised
  • I don't have to hold a grudge - just forgive, forget and move on
  • I would do pretty much anything for my child
I asked Luke what he had realised or noticed about me, since I became a mum. Here is what he said:

"Bex has definitely mellowed since becoming a mum; she would get riled up about the news, politics and dingbats that didn't indicate! She's much more easy going these days, more tolerant, and is so loving with Jake."

What Luke Has Learnt About Himself Since Becoming A Daddy
  • I've learnt that I really do need my sleep and I can be grumpy if I don't get enough of it!
  • I may be big and scary to other children, but my little boy loves me the way I am
  • I've learnt that I can love someone even more than I love my wife (...but only a tiny bit more)
  • I'm more patient than I realised 
  • I've learnt I can 'sort of' multi task :)
Luke asked me what I had realised about him, since he had become a dad. Here's what I said:

"Since becoming a dad, Luke has definitely shown me that he needs to sleep. In the 13 years we were together before Jake's arrival, I had never realised just how grumpy he can be without enough sleep. I've also learnt that he is essentially Roald Dahl's BFG." 

So there you go! What have you realised about yourself since becoming a parent? Is it what you expected? What have your friends and loved ones noticed?


Mummy's Wishlist

Now that Jake is approaching 6 months, it's time to start looking to the next stage of baby-hood.

Being on maternity leave meant that we were short of cash after Christmas. Now, with full paydays ahead again, there are some things we can begin to look at saving up for. 

Here are some of the items on my Mummy Wishlist for Jake and I: 

1. Armadillo Flip XT in Navy by Mamas & Papas - have loved everything I've had from M&P and this pushchair will no doubt be no exception. Once Jake gets over 6 months the need for a pram won't be so prevalent and I love this!
2. Fisher-Price jumperoo - have been considering one of these for awhile, as Jake likes to be upright (also good for avoiding wind/reflux/spit up after feeding). Just put off by the amount of space they take up!
3. Blue anchor leggings by Fred & Noah - we love our grey monsters and green monkey print leggings. Now we want to get some of the very 'on trend' anchor print leggings for size 6+ months.

4. Baby carrier by Mamas & Papas or the We carrier by Baby Bjorn - we haven't done baby wearing but getting more interested in it and can see lots of positives!

5. MacBook Pro/Air - I used to have a MacBook Pro and loved it. But found it difficult to work on when I was doing so much of my teacher work at home as so much lacked compatability. Much less of an issue now, a few years on. 

6. Pushchair organiser by Skip Hop and sold through Red Letter Baby - I think this would be super useful and stop me rummaging around in my changing bag for everything... Great on an Armadillo Flip XT too, surely?? 
7. GroLight by the Gro Company - more and more we're finding a need to interact with Jake during night hours and don't want to over stimulate him with putting main lights on. This would really be useful.   
8. iPod Touch by Apple - seriously been considering this for awhile. Many of you will gasp in horror I am sure but Jake LOVES music and he has favourite songs, audio books and YouTube videos which we store and play on our phones. But now he's getting more able to hold (and chew/drop/throw) our phones we don't want to have to find the money to replace a new iPhone when we could get an iPod to use for him instead.

9. Dinosaur teddy - we often refer to Jake as our 'Jakeasaurus' because he makes a kind of gurrggghh sound lately. He seems to like dinosaur things and we'd like to get him a nice dinosaur cuddly toy. 

10. Daddy's choice - Luke really wants to get Jake a Yoda outfit. This is something he has gone on about for ages now and I think it is getting more and more likely!! Now we just need to find one for a 6 month old!
Do you have any of these already? What do you think?
What's next on your own wishlist?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Worst Night in a While

Last night has to be the worst night we have had as parents, since Jake's first few weeks. 

At the moment Jake's battling several things at once, including cutting his first tooth and a nasty cold. Plus, he has had his first few sessions at nursery. 

Last night was full of cries, moans, groans, screams and giggles! It was definitely a tough one - and it was the first time Luke and I felt the strain - arguing at 2am amongst the cries!

So what are Jake's symptoms?
• Runny, snotty and stuffy nose
• Tickly cough when lay down 
• Headache (we think - he's holding his head on and off)
• Drooling profusely
• Reduced appetite and feeds
• Slightly increased temperature (but no higher than 37')

What did our night look like?
• We fed Jake at 6:10pm and it took a long time to get him to feed. Eventually he had about 5oz (compared to his usual 8oz). By 6:45 he was in his cot and sleepy. Within 15 minutes he was crying - he'd been sick in his bed so it was a change of clothes and a change of sheets then back down and asleep by 7:30pm. 
• 10pm Jake wakes up crying, which quickly became screams. He took 5oz (compared to usual 8oz) and needed lots of cuddles and singing to settle, but was asleep by 11:15. 
• 1am Jake was awake screaming and thrashing in his bed, coughing and spluttering too. We spent an hour trying to calm, soothe, settle and change his nappy - he wouldn't let us! Eventually we made a 5oz feed which he took and we managed to get him to sleep by 2:30am.
• 4am we had exactly the same but this time no feed. We brought him into our bed and he was happy and playing with his cuddly sheep. But it didn't last long before he was unsettled again. 
5am brought us the biggest poonami explosion we've ever had and resulted in a bath, change of clothes, change of sheets. 
• Finally, Jake was asleep by 6:30am and went through until 8:15am. 

It was hell and horrible seeing Jake so poorly. I hope tonight is much better!

What has been one of your worst nights?


Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Week of Milestones: An Update on Jake

Phew! What a week it has been.

This has been one of the most emotional, difficult and enjoyable weeks of my life; it has been filled with such difficult lows and such proud highs.

Here's the run down...

Retuning to Work; The End of Maternity Leave
This has to be, without a doubt, one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Monday morning, that first morning, I could feel a piece of my heart tear off as I closed that front door and left. I couldn't even bring myself to kiss him or look at him because I felt just utterly devastated. It is a cruel fact that when you have bills and debts to pay, and your husband earns less than you, that has to mean leaving your child in order to go to work. We are incredibly lucky that only some of the childcare is with 'strangers', as Luke's shifts and the help of my mum means that most of the time he is with one of us.

I have spent much of this first week back in full time work feeling terrible - I have cried, moaned, and felt jealous. It has been tough returning to the hamster wheel life of full time teaching, and even more difficult knowing that what I really want is to be at home with Jake.

That said, what has been nice is seeing Jake happy with Daddy/ Nanny or nursery. School have been really supportive this first week and my departmental colleagues have been really great.

Jake's First Days at Nursery
The first morning I left Jake at nursery was really tough for me. The lady who is Jake's key worker wasn't the lady that greeted us and so I left him with a different lady (I later found out that Jake's key worker starts a little later at 8am, and we drop off at 7:45 so just a short gap). Jake seemed uncertain as I left and it almost killed me. But - I headed off to work. Around 11am I rang to see how he was - they were mystified - Jake wouldn't nap! They said they tried everything  -rocking, patting, swaying but nothing. I stopped them immediately and said told them that Jake doesn't need those things - just put him down in a cot and he will go to sleep by himself. So that's what they did - and hey presto! He slept.

It was great to see that Jake enjoyed his first days at nursery - his daily report sheets showed he had gotten along well with the other children and that he'd played with some new toys, including some wooden instruments. After just 2 days, Luke and I noticed a difference in him - more alert, more confident, grabbing out for things, chatting more and amazingly he has discovered he can bang things on floors etc. All of this has helped reinforce my decision to put him in nursery a few times a week, and despite my own attachment issues he is doing well.

Jake Turned 5 Months Old
Yay! Amazing... weird to think that had he been on time, rather than so late, he would be on to 6 months almost!

Jake got His First Tooth
We're so chuffed and proud to see that Jake has cut his first tooth! Bottom left front tooth (Jake's left). He's growing up so quickly! Unfortunately, it has been accompanied with a flare up in his eczema and a nasty cold. We've gone back to night wakings (but not feeds) which has been tiring when coupled with my return to work.

Jake had His First Solid Food it wasn't 'solid' but baby rice! He ate the whole lot we made and it hasn't seemed to upset his tummy, which is a good sign :)
We gave it him with his 11am bottle and he loved it - such a great moment and one we won't forget.

Jake Saw His First Fishy!
A day trip to a local garden centre today, had us visiting the aquarium section. Jake had the best time and loved watching the fish swimming in the tanks...think we'll have to get some ourselves!!

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Monday, 9 February 2015

First Day Back At Work

Tick - Tock. 2:30am.
Tick - Tock. 4am.
Tick - Tock. 5am.
Tick - Tock....6am.

I spent the last night of maternity leave awake and fretting as the night moved into the day of my first week back at work. It was dark and cold as I finally decided to give up and get up for work.
That's right. Get up for work. The whole concept still feels alien to me.

Jumped in the shower, washed my hair and wrapped myself up. Made a cup of tea and whacked the telly on to watch morning drivvle about how terrible the world is - so I switched over to channel 5's Milkshake kids programmes instead (oh how things have changed!).

My dilemma was this: do I get myself ready to the max and then wake Jake up and get him sorted? Or get myself mostly ready before waking and changing Jake before getting myself dressed? In the end, as it wasn't a nursery day, I decided to get myself ready and then go and get Jake. It seemed to work well - but he hadn't done a poonami explosion this morning so that was just lucky.

Eventually it was time to say goodbye. It seemed that I couldn't actually look at him. The cracks began to spread as soon as I did and tears just welled. After composing myself I left and shut the front door - walked a few steps ahead - then burst into tears. I cried/ sobbed for the entire journey to work before pulling myself together in the car park. I gave myself a very stern talking to.

The day at work was uneventful. Dull. Tiring. Lacking. There was no Jake. None of his little giggles and squeals. No 'Thomas and Friends' or 'Peppa Pig' to watch together. No playing on the playmat and looking in the mirror making faces. Nothing but noise and rote behaviours.

I was lucky that I was sent several photos throughout the day to show me how happy and OK Jake was - he hadn't even noticed I wasn't there - and I was so glad. I raced home tonight after a respectable amount of staying behind and I was so happy to see him. Bath time, bed time, bottle time was all wonderful and the best moment of my day was singing to Jake whilst having his cuddles - we do this every night after his bottle and before we put him down. He loves music and he loves to be sung to.

The first day back wasn't as bad as I anticipated, but honestly? It was bad enough. Now - just have to do it all over again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next...

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Last Weekend of Maternity Leave

So it is over and done. I can't explain how I feel about tomorrow and how going back to teaching full time is filling me with utter dread. 

So, instead I am going to share photos from our llast weekend of maternity leave together!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

#Drop30 Week 4

Sheesh - the week was as bad for my challenge as expected...

My Stats:

Weight lost: +1lb
Total lost so far: -7.5lb
Overall mood: disappointed but not surprised!
Weeks left until I my 30th birthday: 26

My Thoughts:

What did I find tough?
3 meals out for family birthdays plus birthday cakes! Last week of maternity leave and a complete lack of motivation! Plus, it was also *that week of the month for me which is always a bit wobbly!

What went well?
I have enjoyed my final week of maternity leave; we've been out and about every day and a few evenings. Although the naughty food has meant I put weight on - I have had a good time and enjoyed myself with family.

Overall? I am disappointed in myself for not having the dedication or will power to order plain salad each time we'd gone out for the family meals, or to have not eaten at all and just waited until we'd all gotten home. Back to work on Monday so I need to try to make sure that doesn't mean I lose focus again. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Early Bird gets the Worm

For the past 3 weeks, Jake has been waking up early. There is a clear pattern to his sleep at the moment; it goes a little something like this:

  • 6:15ish bed time bottle (8oz) and then asleep between 6:30 and 7pm
  • Wake at 10pm to change nappy and feed 7oz bottle at 10:15 then back to sleep by 11pm
  • Waking up at around 5-5:30am to talk to himself and sometimes go back to sleep
  • Fully awake at 6:15-6:30am babbling, squealing, blowing raspberries and chatting to himself.
  • Up at 7am with mummy and fed 8oz bottle at 7:45-8am
I'm at a loss as to why, after sleeping 12 hours every night, we're suddenly having this 'early bid gets the worm' attitude. He doesn't cry at all; the only reason I know he's awake is because I can hear his raspberries and squealing on the monitor. I have now, stopped going in to him. I check his nappy, change if needed and then put him back in his cot until getting him up at 7am. 

I'm really not sure what might be causing this new routine, except for these few possibilities:
  • Daddy gets up for work at 4:45am and leaves around 5am - but is quiet and makes very little noise
  • Around 5am it may be dropping cool - perhaps he's cold? But I do keep the heater set to roughly 18/19'C and he has a short sleeve grow, a sleep suit and a blanket over him
  • Hunger? I really don't think it is - he doesn't feed until 7:45/8am and isn't crying
  • Thirst? Again - not crying or calling out for me so I don't think so
  • A wonder week's leap? Yes - according to the app timeline for Jake, he has just started leap 5 which is 'relationships'. But this has been happening for a few weeks.
  • Natural early riser? This is what I think it must be - I am going to cut his total day time napping to a maximum of 2.5-3 hours and be strict to see if that helps. 
If anyone has any ideas? Advice? Thoughts? Tips? Then please drop me a comment below.

 Is anyone else dealing with this? 

#TheLiebsterAward Part 4

Thank you so much to the lovely Sal who has nominated me for The Liebster Award. 

I have already been nominated a few times and you can find those posts here, here and here.

But! I wanted to answer Sal's questions...

1. What is the inspiration behind the name you chose for your blog?
(See previous Liebster posts).

2. Which city would you love to move to and why?
Oooh what a great question. I love Warwick so would like to live there - but not feasible with hubby's work.

3. Who is the one person that can cheer you up no matter how rubbish you feel?
Definitely my husband - he knows me so well and he does impersonations/ mimic of famous people like Peter Kay, Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwarzzenegr, Keith Lemon and loads more.

4. What is your favourite type of cuisine?
Really tough question. I love lots of dishes from different cuisines. Can't give a favourite I don't think!

5. If you could only use one lipstick/balm/gloss for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Nivea lip butter is lush!

6. If your teenage son/daughter wanted to read your blog, would you let them in?
In years to come? Yes definitely. 

7. What is your favourite flower?
I do love a poppy.

8. What meals would you have dehydrated and vaccum packed if you had to travel to space?
How about a Big Mac! Or chicken tikka biryani? Mmm. Yum.

9. Where do you do most of your blogging?
On the sofa, lol.

10. Which sport do you love to watch more than play?
Snooker, Rugby, Tennis.

11. What's one piece of advice you'd give to your teenage self?
Stop looking in the past, you are going the other way.

Thank you very much to Sal for the nomination.xx

#FilmReview: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Sometimes, when there's nothing decent on telly, you just fancy watching something a little different. This film, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is definitely different! 

Directed by Wes Anderson, IMDB summarise it as a film that 'recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting and the battle for an enormous family fortune -- all against the back-drop of a suddenly and dramatically changing Continent.'

This quirky film is loaded with star after star - from the main actor Ralph Fiennes, to Ed Norton, to Jude Law, and Harvey Keitel - it is brimming with talent and famous faces. It is easy to get drawn in by a film purely because of the actors that are starring in it, but their performances were comical (as intended) and the story was genuinely funny. I enjoyed seeing Ralph Fiennes in this unusual role and the dark comedy was a light relief.

My only criticism would be that the film has a repetitive edge to it, which is part of the story but makes it somewhat slow in places. 

Overall: I'd give this film 3/5. It is quirky and will not be to everyone's tastes. However, if you are a film fan, interested in cinematography or just enjoy a star studded spectacle, then give it a go.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Maternity Leave: The Final Week

As Adele sings it: 'This is the end. Hold your breath and count to ten.'

When I climbed in to bed last night, and snuggled up to my husband, I couldn't help but shed a few tears. I have just this one precious week of maternity leave left before I return to work - full time - and have to leave my baby boy.

It isn't that he will be at nursery - I am pleased he's going to nursery for a few mornings each week. I know he will enjoy the social interaction, games, singing and fun. 

It isn't that he will be with my mum - I am grateful and pleased that he will get to spend more time with one of his grandparents; she loves him and he'll have lots of fun. 

It isn't that he will be with Daddy some of the time while I am at work - I'm chuffed that my boys will get time together and bond even more. 

Simply, It's that he won't be with me and I won't be with him. I won't be the one who gives him his morning bottle, or who plays with him during the day. I will only see him at bed time, and on the odd day I don't have after school meetings or detentions to run - I might get home before 4:30pm to bath him. It is the feeling that he might think I have abandoned him. He might wonder where I am. I might miss all those milestones - the sitting up, the crawling, the belly laugh, first steps... The list goes on.

I am sure lots of you may have the Daily Mail's opinion of teachers. You'll think we just work 9-3, have loads of time off, get paid over the odds and have gold-plated pensions. Jog on! If that really was what my career looked like, then I wouldn't have to write this post. The reality is a day that starts at 8am, seeing 4/5 different classes of 30 children, working through break time and lunch time, never getting chance to go to the loo or have a hot drink and then staying until 4:30/5pm for meetings or to run detentions for those exam groups who still haven't done their coursework. Then, you get home and you have to start again because you have to mark every class's books every 2 weeks - and you have an average of 7-9 different classes. Then you've also got to plan all of the lessons for the next day - 5 hours worth, and resource them all. You can't get all of this done in the evenings so you drag it over into the weekend and lose your Sunday evenings. And then over half term you mark all 7-9 classes' assessments that you worked up towards over that half term. THAT is the reality of secondary teaching. There are, of course, a few of those golden moments in every week where you make a difference to a child, or see them really click with something you're doing - and that's magical.

So, I have to try and look at the positives: 
  • I have to work so we can pay the bills (it isn't a choice - we're entitled to no help) and give Jake everything he needs - we won't let him go without
  • Jake will be more and more sociable and that will be great for when he starts school
  • He'll get lots of interaction and stimulation which is brilliant for early development
  • As a teacher I'll get school holidays off with him
  • There might be a chance to go part time to 4 days a week from September - more research and conversations needed
I'm going to savour this last week with my baby boy - any tips and advice welcome - especially from other teachers and working mums xx

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Flippin' Pancakes

As a treat Saturday morning I let my hubby, Luke, have a lie in whilst I got Jake up. 

As an extra treat, I had decided earlier in the week that I was going to make us a scrummy breakfast of crepé style pancakes, with lemon and sugar. They are one of my absolute favourite foods.

Here's the recipe I used (I ways add a little extra flour than the standard 100g):

So, I got the mixture mixed, the pan hot and set to work. 

I was so pleased with the results! They were absolutely delicious; hubby even said they were much better than his Mum's (which is high praise from most men, eh?)! 

Here they are fresh and ready to top:

What did you have for breakfast?