Saturday, 7 February 2015

#Drop30 Week 4

Sheesh - the week was as bad for my challenge as expected...

My Stats:

Weight lost: +1lb
Total lost so far: -7.5lb
Overall mood: disappointed but not surprised!
Weeks left until I my 30th birthday: 26

My Thoughts:

What did I find tough?
3 meals out for family birthdays plus birthday cakes! Last week of maternity leave and a complete lack of motivation! Plus, it was also *that week of the month for me which is always a bit wobbly!

What went well?
I have enjoyed my final week of maternity leave; we've been out and about every day and a few evenings. Although the naughty food has meant I put weight on - I have had a good time and enjoyed myself with family.

Overall? I am disappointed in myself for not having the dedication or will power to order plain salad each time we'd gone out for the family meals, or to have not eaten at all and just waited until we'd all gotten home. Back to work on Monday so I need to try to make sure that doesn't mean I lose focus again. 

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