Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fast Forward 5 Years: Daddy's Wishlist

Daddy Luke has decided to make another appearance here on the blog!

We were chatting about the future, further children and things we're looking forward to now that we have baby Jake. There were lots of things we agreed on...and some things we couldn't agree on!

Here are Daddy Luke's top 5 things he's looking forward to in the next 5 years with Jake:

1. Orlando, Florida - Luke and I went to Orlando, Florida for our honeymoon in August 2013. We stayed at the Universal Resort Hotel and had a glorious 14 days exploring all of the thrills, spills, splashes and dashes that the magical resorts had to offer. Luke can't wait to take Jake with us when we return, and especially to see the new Harry Potter Hogwarts Express & Gringotts attraction at Universal.

2. Friendships - Luke says he is really looking forward to Jake making friends and seeing him play with other children.

3. Getting into Sport - another thing that Luke is looking forward to is seeing Jake get into sport. We're hoping it isn't the typical football, as neither of us is really a footie fan - maybe rugby? Whatever he likes though will be fine.

4. Love Star Wars - One of the many things you might not know about Luke is how much he LOVES Star Wars. He is a huge fan and has been since he was a child. His favourite characters are Yoda, Han Solo and Darth Vader and he prefers the old trilogy over the new, prequel films (even though he likes those too). He can't wait for Jake to love Star Wars too so they can FanBoy all about it!

5. Seeing Jake Read - Luke, like me, is into books and reading. Can't wait to see Jake reading books (or trying to) by himself. 

So there are Daddy's top 5 things he's looking forward to with Jake. What are you looking forward to? What have you enjoyed the most so far?

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  1. I never did this, but I think it's a great subject and may have to borrow the idea, even with my sons just turning 2. We want so much for our children, and it's kind of a great idea to write them down! Thanks!

    1. Aw cool Spike! Would love to read your list... let us know :) x

  2. Good list and great to hear from Dad again. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

    1. Cheers Al - Dad's getting a little braver... still won't blog though!x