Monday, 23 February 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This year will be my first Mother's Day!

I have always thought it was important to honour Mother's Day - for the majority (there are exceptions!!) it is Mum who keeps the house running and the family together. For me that is especially true as my mum raised us as a single parent - seeing dad just at weekends. 

I've been thinking about what would make a lovely gift on Mother's Day, but won't break the bank. Here's my list of Top Picks:

1. A beautiful wild flower arrangement - £35 - from - there is something better about flowers when they are natural and wild; it makes them that much more special than a bunch of roses from the supermarket.
2. A personalised mug - £14.75 - from - I love this style of personalised mug, and so much better than something standard from the card shop! Cute :)
3. Super fun coin purse - £12.95 - by Disaster Designs available on I have a bag and purse of theirs and they are lovely! 
4. Deliciously delicate silver and pink murano glass charm bead for Pandora - £30 - at T H Baker - I think this is such a simple and elegant charm - it's on my list!!
5. The 'Ginny Dragonfly' scarf - £25 - from Monsoon - Scarves can be really pretty and will often make an outfit that much more fun. A nice gift for any Mum!
6. The delicious Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDT - £55 - from
7. A yummy, scrummy breakfast in bed!
8. An extra hour in bed and let her sleep a little longer for once.

So there you go! My top picks for Mother's Day that won't break the bank. What are you hoping for?


  1. Oh my goodness! I forgot I get a present! Great list :) *Leaves laptop open*

  2. I know all jen wants is the extra hour :)

  3. Like me then!.. Add a bacon sandwich on crusty bread and we're good to go! Lol :)