Monday, 16 February 2015

What We Have Learnt About Ourselves Since Becoming Parents

Becoming a parent is life changing. There really is no other way to say it.
Your life, your views, your feelings and emotions all change in some way or other.

My Hubby and I decided to take a look at what we've learnt about ourselves since becoming parents. Here's what we found:

What I've Learnt About Myself Since Becoming A Mummy
  • I have an abundance of patience for my child, and actually for others as a Teacher too
  • I can be very loving and gentle (even though I get riled up by the news!)
  • I am much less bothered by what people think about the way I look - hey! if you've given birth you really don't care any more...
  • I love my husband even more than I realised
  • I don't have to hold a grudge - just forgive, forget and move on
  • I would do pretty much anything for my child
I asked Luke what he had realised or noticed about me, since I became a mum. Here is what he said:

"Bex has definitely mellowed since becoming a mum; she would get riled up about the news, politics and dingbats that didn't indicate! She's much more easy going these days, more tolerant, and is so loving with Jake."

What Luke Has Learnt About Himself Since Becoming A Daddy
  • I've learnt that I really do need my sleep and I can be grumpy if I don't get enough of it!
  • I may be big and scary to other children, but my little boy loves me the way I am
  • I've learnt that I can love someone even more than I love my wife (...but only a tiny bit more)
  • I'm more patient than I realised 
  • I've learnt I can 'sort of' multi task :)
Luke asked me what I had realised about him, since he had become a dad. Here's what I said:

"Since becoming a dad, Luke has definitely shown me that he needs to sleep. In the 13 years we were together before Jake's arrival, I had never realised just how grumpy he can be without enough sleep. I've also learnt that he is essentially Roald Dahl's BFG." 

So there you go! What have you realised about yourself since becoming a parent? Is it what you expected? What have your friends and loved ones noticed?



  1. Hey Bex,

    This is a lovely post. Just lovely. Its made me think back to who I was before babies and how I am now. I would say that I have proven I have a LOT more patience than was previously assumed. I am going to ask my hubby the same and see what gems he has to add to my being a lot more paranoid, anxious and constantly thinking about the next 10 things to do which can be irritating. Hehe!

    Sal xxx | UmmBaby

    1. Aw thank you lovely Sal! Yes I too have become extra paranoid at times!!! Xx

  2. I loved how you included observations of each other and how you've changed once becoming parents. Hmm I wonder what my hubby woukd say :) its funny hoe much you learn about yourself as a person once you become a parent, great post :)

    1. Aw hi! Thank you for the kind words. Ask your OH and let us know :-)