Sunday, 15 February 2015

Worst Night in a While

Last night has to be the worst night we have had as parents, since Jake's first few weeks. 

At the moment Jake's battling several things at once, including cutting his first tooth and a nasty cold. Plus, he has had his first few sessions at nursery. 

Last night was full of cries, moans, groans, screams and giggles! It was definitely a tough one - and it was the first time Luke and I felt the strain - arguing at 2am amongst the cries!

So what are Jake's symptoms?
• Runny, snotty and stuffy nose
• Tickly cough when lay down 
• Headache (we think - he's holding his head on and off)
• Drooling profusely
• Reduced appetite and feeds
• Slightly increased temperature (but no higher than 37')

What did our night look like?
• We fed Jake at 6:10pm and it took a long time to get him to feed. Eventually he had about 5oz (compared to his usual 8oz). By 6:45 he was in his cot and sleepy. Within 15 minutes he was crying - he'd been sick in his bed so it was a change of clothes and a change of sheets then back down and asleep by 7:30pm. 
• 10pm Jake wakes up crying, which quickly became screams. He took 5oz (compared to usual 8oz) and needed lots of cuddles and singing to settle, but was asleep by 11:15. 
• 1am Jake was awake screaming and thrashing in his bed, coughing and spluttering too. We spent an hour trying to calm, soothe, settle and change his nappy - he wouldn't let us! Eventually we made a 5oz feed which he took and we managed to get him to sleep by 2:30am.
• 4am we had exactly the same but this time no feed. We brought him into our bed and he was happy and playing with his cuddly sheep. But it didn't last long before he was unsettled again. 
5am brought us the biggest poonami explosion we've ever had and resulted in a bath, change of clothes, change of sheets. 
• Finally, Jake was asleep by 6:30am and went through until 8:15am. 

It was hell and horrible seeing Jake so poorly. I hope tonight is much better!

What has been one of your worst nights?



  1. Awww I hope he is feeling better soon. When Molly cut her teeth she had all the symptoms you have described Jake as having - snot, drool, cough (oh my goodness the cough), temperature, not eating. Hope you feels better soon

    1. Thanks Training Mummy! Encouraging to know that horse symptoms are common to teething xx

  2. Oh poor Jake & poor you! Its tough seeing them so uncomfortable, poorly and/or distressed! If only they could tell us what's wrong aye? Hope you have a better night tonight xxx

    1. Thanks a lot Rachel. It is tough isn't it?? I wish I knew what he wanted!! A better night in comparison but we've been up on and off since 2am 😴

  3. last night! Chloe didn't let me go to sleep until 7am. So I just woke from my catch up sleep. Second time this happened. Normally I can nod off around 3am. she is a tough one. Matthew was way easier.

    1. Oh Janine! That's not much fun at all! I'm so sorry to hear that 😞 I really hope that the day and night is better xx