Sunday, 29 March 2015

Weekend Wearing

Here's a little photo bomb of Jake in one of his outfits this weekend.

We absolutely love the TU clothing range at Sainsbury's, and this is one of their latest instalments.

Jake seemed pretty pleased too :)

Sunday Afternoon Sorting

This afternoon I have been busy enjoying this months delivery from FreePrints!

The FreePrints App is a brilliant find for mums and dads - and for everyone, really. The app allows you to have 45 free 4 x 6 photos printed and delivered. All you pay for is the cost of delivery, which is a maximum £3.99. Total bargain!

We're on our 5th month and it has been consistently good in service, quality and speed of delivery.

This afternoon, I spent some time sorting through the photos I selected for this month, and arranging them into our First family album.

We've now completely finished this first album - with over 200 photos filed away in the album, with captions and dates. Plus, we still have loads of photos left over to put into the next album... once I've found one I like.

In a digital age, we seem to be one of the few couples still saving these precious moments in 'hard copy' but I believe they will make wonderful keepsakes and talking points in years to come - and when Jake is older, and has his own children - he will have all of this to share with them... Not to mention all of the girl/boyfriends we'll get to embarass him with too :)

If you haven't tried the FreePrints App yet - you really must! You can get an extra free photo with my referal code: r m a r s h 1 9 

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Easter Gift Guide

Easter will soon be upon us; a time of considering fresh starts and new beginnings.

As a family, we aren't religious at all - but we do value to morals of the bible stories and the lessons they teach us.

Easter is a great time to give a gift to family and little ones - especially those old enough to enjoy a good Easter egg hunt for fun!

If you're struggling for some ideas that aren't of the chocolate variety, here's some to help:

1) The brilliant Born Gifted offer a whole range of cute little gifts for Easter this year. I particularly like the 'Rabbit in a Carrot' and the 'Personalised Bunny Egg Cup'. All of their products are of a good value and reasonable price. 

2) The very original My 1st Years company offers a range of cute little gifts that are perfect for Easter. I really like the 'Personalised Bunny Story Book' and the 'Just Hatched' baby body suit - too cute!

3) Always worth checking out is the brilliant - I really like the idea of these 'Personalised Easter Egg Bags' which are quirky and cute. Plus, these 'Personalised Easter Bunny Baby shoes' OMGOSH sooo lovely - from @BornBespoke 

4) are a definite all round winner for gifts - you can grab an Easter themed cake for less than £15 and have it delivered! Brilliant :)

5) If your little one is anything like our Jake, a book is always a winner. This 'Spot's First Easter' book by Eric Hill will be a great read on Easter Sunday - and many more Sundays to come. Plus, there's also a fab 'Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt' storybook to enjoy #Oink! 

6) Finally - for a mummy, daddy, wife, husband, or sibling - why not try one of Thorntons' Chocolate heart plaques with a personalised message for only £5! #bargain 

Hopefully there's something for everyone and plenty of ideas that won't break the bank. 

Have a crackin' Easter :-)

Monday, 23 March 2015

Daddy Cuddles

Jake and his Daddy, Luke, really are best friends. 

I wanted to do a post that explored the special relationship between father and son. 

It's an obvious love. You can see it just by looking at these photos of them together: 

We often talk about Jake as he is growing up and Luke is so looking forward to getting to share more and more with Jake. They will be best friends and I can tell they will be a nightmare!!

I hope that Jake and his Daddy will always be close... But that there is always room for Mummy too :-)
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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Jake's 6 Month Update

So, my gorgeous little munchkin turned 6 months old on the 10th March. He has become a very happy, contented little boy who is full of beans. 

This last month he has developed so much. It is so noticeable, the change in him. I can't believe that he is at his half-birthday already. 

The last few weeks have seen Jake begin his weaning journey - he has eaten everything we have given him and the only thing he has seemed to dislike is mashed banana! Lol. 

Jake has also learnt to sit himself up unaided and although he is occasionally a little wobbly still, he is independent. 

One of the best moments in the last few weeks has been Daddy's choice of outfit for Jake; he has turned him into a little R2-D2 from Star Wars! Cute :-)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Review: Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair

We have started the weaning journey! 

We're now coming to the end of week 2 with Jake on solids and he is loving it! He is happily eating a whole range of porridge, fruit and veg, and we've even tried protein a few times too. 

The weaning journey is difficult for us because both Luke and I work full time. Luke works rotation shifts, which means he alternates between a 6am-2pm shift and a 2pm-10pm shift. Usually this alternates each week, but we're about to start our 3rd week with Daddy working 2-10pm. 

What has really helped is having a great High chair! Omgosh I am so glad we looked into them and didn't just to and buy one that was cheap or looked nice.

We have been so pleased with the Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair, with its very cute owl print pattern and one-handled fold mechanism. It fits perfectly into our life with Jake as an eater! 

The Joie Mimzy Snacker has lots of benefits, for example:
- portable high chair, with it's easy one handed fold mechanism that helps the chair to fold in a compact and convenient way
- ultra lightweight which means I can lift and move it one handed whilst holding Jake on my hip
- large tray which can be adjusted and removed to be stored on the back of the seat when not in use
- suitable from 6 months but grows with Jake as you can use the adjustable straps and the 3 seat recline angles too 
- a nice large basket under the seat which folds easily and keeps our bibs tucked in a handy spot!

We paid £49 for ours from Mothercare - but you can get in online and in other stores too. 

So happy and glad we didn't waste a fortune on these Stokke chairs - I didn't like them when we browsed in store, and they are very expensive!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Review: Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT

Yes! Woop! Cheer! Hooray!

We can tick the first item on Mummy's Wishlist off - we've got the Armadillo Flip XT from Mamas and Papas and I absolutely love it. 

The Armadillo Flip XT is a revolution in prams and strollers. It has totally changed how we get about with Jake, as it has saved us 'hassle' in many ways. 

The good thing was that before I bought our new Armadillo Flip XT (... I hoped mamas and papas might send me one out of the goodness of their hearts but no) I sold my Oyster Max and Koochi Speedstar to put the money towards it. 

The Armadillo Flip XT isn't called the 'Revolutionary Big Little Stroller' for nothing. Here's the low down:
  • it is super compact and travel system ready - we bought the car seat adapters so that we can still use our maxi-cosi cabriofix when we're nipping about in the car.
  • the seat is one of the best size-wise and gives plenty of 'wiggle room' for years to come - the theory is that this is the last pram/stroller you'll buy
  • the XT model offers chunkier wheels which help to give a smoother ride - we've certainly noticed that with Jake
  • telescopic handles make it easier for including daddy in our adventures as they extend to suit his 5 ft 11 height
  • the one handed flip-fold is by far the best selling point - I can manage it all by myself, one handed and the light frame makes it easier to lift in and out of the car/ up and down the steps to our apartment
  • has an xxxl hood for all weather protection and this has already been great as we've been able to cover Jake in the sunshine today and to keep him asleep more soundly 
  • the air vent in the hood (which you can unzip or zip back up) is also really great and keeps Jake cool when we're inside but he might be asleep
  • the Navy and camel colour scheme, with the aluminium trim looks stylish and expensive (not that it's a 'chape' stroller - but definitely worth every penny!)
  • the seat is almost as good as memory foam and is a really comfy cushion - we've already noticed Jake's more comfortable and less fidgety 
And there's so much more! Head over to the website to see all the features that the Mamas and Papas' Armadillo family have to offer.

We give this stroller a bit 5 out of 5 thumbs up. We're super happy and love using the new stroller. Now we just need to kit him out with even more Mamas and Papas goodies :)

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Back on Track

Just a quick post tonight to say how happy Luke & I are to see Jake back on track and a lot more like himself. He's battled lots of little illnesses recently and now he's doing much better. Yay!