Saturday, 7 March 2015

Review: Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT

Yes! Woop! Cheer! Hooray!

We can tick the first item on Mummy's Wishlist off - we've got the Armadillo Flip XT from Mamas and Papas and I absolutely love it. 

The Armadillo Flip XT is a revolution in prams and strollers. It has totally changed how we get about with Jake, as it has saved us 'hassle' in many ways. 

The good thing was that before I bought our new Armadillo Flip XT (... I hoped mamas and papas might send me one out of the goodness of their hearts but no) I sold my Oyster Max and Koochi Speedstar to put the money towards it. 

The Armadillo Flip XT isn't called the 'Revolutionary Big Little Stroller' for nothing. Here's the low down:
  • it is super compact and travel system ready - we bought the car seat adapters so that we can still use our maxi-cosi cabriofix when we're nipping about in the car.
  • the seat is one of the best size-wise and gives plenty of 'wiggle room' for years to come - the theory is that this is the last pram/stroller you'll buy
  • the XT model offers chunkier wheels which help to give a smoother ride - we've certainly noticed that with Jake
  • telescopic handles make it easier for including daddy in our adventures as they extend to suit his 5 ft 11 height
  • the one handed flip-fold is by far the best selling point - I can manage it all by myself, one handed and the light frame makes it easier to lift in and out of the car/ up and down the steps to our apartment
  • has an xxxl hood for all weather protection and this has already been great as we've been able to cover Jake in the sunshine today and to keep him asleep more soundly 
  • the air vent in the hood (which you can unzip or zip back up) is also really great and keeps Jake cool when we're inside but he might be asleep
  • the Navy and camel colour scheme, with the aluminium trim looks stylish and expensive (not that it's a 'chape' stroller - but definitely worth every penny!)
  • the seat is almost as good as memory foam and is a really comfy cushion - we've already noticed Jake's more comfortable and less fidgety 
And there's so much more! Head over to the website to see all the features that the Mamas and Papas' Armadillo family have to offer.

We give this stroller a bit 5 out of 5 thumbs up. We're super happy and love using the new stroller. Now we just need to kit him out with even more Mamas and Papas goodies :)

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  1. Awesome pram,versatile and comfy for my little dude,thanks mamas and papas

  2. What a fab review. Sounds like an amazing pram, might have to invest in one when we decide to have baby #2 xx

    1. Cheers Rachel - has totally changed how we feel about taking Jake out and about. We love it x

  3. Fantastic review! It's definitely one that I would have invested in. #bigfatlinky

    1. Cheers! We are in love with it. Brilliant. Has given us so much more freedom and incentive to take Jake out and about x

  4. We have tried this out and liked how compact it is #bigfatlinky

    1. Yes very compact - a great stroller. Wish we had found it sooner! x

  5. Bex, what's going on? We don't have the same pushchair!!! ;)Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

  6. It's so smart and trendy! I remember this was on your wanted list! It's good to be a working mum sometimes xxx


  7. this looks really confortable that the child is having such a good time and sleot in it. i needed to buy a gift for a baby shower of my friend. i think i will go with this