Wednesday, 1 April 2015

PhotoBlog Wednesday 1st April

Today I have had the whole day as mummy - no work, no appointments - just me and the boy. It has been lovely. 

Here are 3 photos from the day :-)

1) Here Jake is modelling his new bib which I bought from 'Little Sleepy Sew and Sew'. We love the dinosaur print and it's great to see how happy Jake is wearing it :-) 
Plus - look at those legs!! #NomNom 

2) I love this shot because it captures Jake's 'thinking face' - Jake is always watching, observing and taking things in. He's doing it here, too.

3) The third and final photo has to be included because it shows Jake wearing the BEST sleep suit ever. It is a Mamas & Papas one and I think it is my all time favourite one yet :-)

Hope you have all had a nice day too x