Saturday, 4 April 2015

Polabox: An app for everyone who wants to save memories and moments

Anyone who regularly follows Jake and I will know that I take A LOT of photos. I currently have over 10,500 files in my Jake file on my hard drive (backed up of course) and these are all photos and videos of our little man from the moment he arrived.

I am old fashioned that way, and have blogged numerous times about the family albums I am creating and how I am using the FreePrints app to make keepsakes.

More recently, I have discovered another way to make gorgeous keepsakes - for very little £££s. For anyone with a smart phone - check out the brilliant POLABOX.

I had a money off code and ordered myself this framed beauty!
Polabox brilliantly put together photos you have (on instagram or elsewhere) and create polaroid prints, collage posters and more. A fantastic way to create beautiful and classic mementos to display around the house or to give as gifts to others. In mine I have included photos from our wedding, too.

You can have colour, or use black and white - so it could look contemporary but timeless too.
You can download the Polabox app here and quote code MUMMS7 to save £4 straight away on anything you order


  1. I can vouch for the amount of amazing pictures my wonderful wife has taken of our beautiful boy,he's one lucky boy lol

  2. Oh wow! I've been looking for something like this. Excited to give it a go. I have SO many photos! X

    1. Brilliant! Let me know if you get anything and what you think!x