Thursday, 2 April 2015

Review: Bakerdays Letterbox Cake for Easter*

When the lovely Bakerdays offered to send me a Letterbox Cake to try out and review - I jumped at the chance. 

Luke and I have been looking at their website off and on for loads of occasions - Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas to name just the more recent. I was worried that I might not like the cake, or perhaps it wouldn't be worth the cost. 

But - I couldn't be more impressed with them! Here's what Luke and I have concluded about our Easter Letterbox cake from Bakerdays:

Delivery and Presentation

The cake arrived quickly and securely packaged in a sturdy outer cardboard box. Inside is a beautifully designed cake tin to keep the cake fresh and secure. They had also, very thoughtfully, put too little chocolate Easter eggs and a very pretty greetings card with a little message inside; a professional touch.

I must admit - if someone sent me this as a gift, when I opened it I would be very touched and grateful upon receiving it. It is fun, aesthetically pleasing - and unique for sure!


Bakerdays themselves offer a vast range of designs to choose from for their topping. These are particularly good if you're ordering a cake for a particular event/ occasion. However - their designs can also be personalised, with words and or photographs. 

For our Easter cake - I wanted something simple and they sent us the 'Easter Treats' design personalised with the name 'Harry' as we didn't specify any personalisation ourselves.

The colours on the icing were bright and vibrant; appealing to the senses.

Taste & Quality

The cake itself was soft, fluffy and moist. Bakerdays sent us a 'Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake made only with Belgian chocolate' which smelt dreamy as soon as the tin was opened. The icing itself was of a high quality finish and the design was beautiful. When I cut into the cake, the slice rebounded back, rather than folding in on itself, showing that the mix is light and not heavy with fat. 

It was delicious with our cup of tea - and arrived perfectly in time for visitors to also have a taste :-)

About Bakerdays
Bakerdays is based in the UK and you can read more about who they are and what they do here. However, they offer a range of services which include the following:

Overall Thoughts

  • The packaging, delivery and service online was excellent. I would definitely recommend just on that basis.
  • The price - the letterbox gift cake costs less than £15 - and whilst that is a lot for a cake, you do get the personalisation and beautiful tin to keep. I do think it is worth the money for special, surprising treats.
  • The design of the cake icing is flawless and looks very professional. The fact that it can be personalised is certainly an added bonus.
  • Love the fact that Andrea and her team offer a range of other options such as cupcakes, birthday cakes etc. too
  • So impressed - I have recommended them as a great Easter gift in my Easter Gift Guide


  1. Oh that does sound very yummy - looks great and love the sound of the chocolate chip sponge.