Saturday, 20 June 2015

9 Months out!

So, Jake has reached the 9 months old milestone. It feels incredibly overwhelming to think that my little boy is 9 months old; some days I forget he was ever a new born!
Jake has really grown these last few months; he wears 9-12 month clothes comfortably and will not be in them much longer by the looks of things.

We have seen him lenthen; his arms and legs are long; his hands are like dinner plates and his feet seem ginormous.

But size isn't the only thing - we have also seen Jake begin to do his own version of crawling - which involves a myriad of defying stretches and sprawls to snake his way around to the things he wants. Add to this is obsession with being stood up, holding your hands and walking (trying to run) everywhere. Whilst it's amazing and super cute - it is also majorly tiring and gives you chronic back ache! It is exciting though to think that he might be walking by himself soon.

9 months has also brought us his 3rd and 4th words. Jake can now say 'Dad', 'Mum', 'Nan' and 'Uh-Oh' which is reeeally cute :)

Happy 9 months Jake!


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