Monday, 29 June 2015

My Top Ten 'Me Moments'

Having a baby is undoubtedly an amazing experience and a huge achievement, but becoming a mum is hard work! It's tiring of course and you generally don't get much time to yourself. 

As a working mum who is a full time English Teacher in an 11-18 school, those precious moments are even rarer. So, when I do stumble across a bit of 'mummy time' I like to enjoy it reveling in my favourite 'me moments'. Here are my top ten:

  1. Reading a Book - one of my favourite pastimes is reading a good book. The book can be real or kindle versions; hardback or paperback. I don't mind. Just as long as I can read the words on the page and imagine the world taking place inside my own mind. It's quite incredible to think that reading can take you on a thousand journeys - to a million different places and times, with a million different people. Extraordinary. 
  2. Keeping up with Twitter - before motherhood claimed me, I was a prolific twitter user over on my teaching account @ MissBex_M I would endlessly read, research, trial, share and reflect upon classroom practice and I was extremely passionate about it. It was my real strength as a practitioner and it meant that my own performance was never less than Outstanding. I use past-tense here, as since having Jake I haven't found the time to dedicate myself to that pastime of late, but I feel it coming back in waves as Jake gets older and as my new job for September rolls closer.
  3. Listening to Music - I love music. I don't understand people who don't buy music, who don't listen to it, who have no emotional connection to it. Music is one of my favourite hobbies and my collection and taste is eclectic. I don't play or sing myself - I do not have that talent - but I adore the highs and lows, the rumbles and pitches that all different music can bring. Not to mention the powerful memories embedded in the rhythm of a song and how it can transport you back to times and places and people. 
  4. Watching Rom-Coms: I do love me a bit of boy meets girl; girl meets boy; they have some kind of conflict; it's funny, and they fall in love. To name a few... Dirty Dancing, Bridget Jones' Diary, Pride and Prejudice (both versions), Jane Eyre (both versions), Along Came Polly, Sex and the City, The Proposal etc. etc. 
  5. Baby Clothes: Even though I don't have a never-ending supply of funds, I do enjoy looking at all of the different baby clothes online for little JD. Of late I have been coveting some more Panda and the Sparrow items - particularly the leggings and grows, along with the Joules collection. 
  6. A good cuppa' tea: You can't beat an English brew - and I really love a nice cup of Twinings English breakfast tea. There is something so calming and enjoyable to take 5 minutes and have a hot, delicious cup of tea. It is even better twinned with some cake ;-) 
  7. Organising Photo Albums: Every month I use the brilliant FreePrints App to order photographs of Jake and the family. Then, I organise those photos into family albums which I am creating for Jake when he's older. I want Jake to have memories of loved ones and to see how happy we all were that he had arrived in our lives. I've blogged numerous time on this, and you can see my posts herehere and here
  8. Pinterest: OMG exploring Pinterest is one of the best way to just EAT time. I get lost looking at ideas, things to try and the fashion. I have numerous accounts (3 actually - one for work, for pupils to use). 
  9. Catch up on my TV shows: I am a prolific TV watcher - but not as it airs! I like to record shows on the Sky+ box and watch them when I have some quiet time. At the moment I am indulging in a whole range of series (some I am behind on or have now finished), which include House of Cards, Elementary, Scandal, Madam Secretary, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, True Detective, Castle, Bones, The Blacklist, The Mentalist etc. I mainly enjoy American shows now, as I find a lot of the British TV is reality-based, and I'm not a huge fan of that. 
  10. Eat: Yep - it's every fat girl's dilemma, really. I love nice food. I want nice food. I eat nice food. I get fat. I feel guilty and bad that I'm fat. I get a bit upset. I eat nice food.
    I do love the social aspect of eating though; I enjoy going for meals out, and trying different places. But - I like it too much, and I am still on a mission to drop 30lb before I am 30. So far I am only 9lb down... hmmm. 
So there you have it! My top ten 'Me Moments'. I have realised that a) exercise does not appear here, and b) I may be considered incredibly dull to some of you more look-I'm-a-really-cool-and-busy-yummy-mummy's. But in all honesty, after working full time and looking after Jake when not at work - I don't want to do a lot else! 

Hugs xx

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