Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Review: MAM Friends Bob the Turtle*

I don't know about anyone else, but at the moment Jake is teething big time! It seems as though hitting 10 months meant he began sprouting teeth again - we've had two come through in the space of days with a third one at the top just starting to push at the gum.

Whilst Jake has been much less upset this time around with teething, he is desperately trying to bite and gnaw everything in sight - it is almost a frenzy - with my shoulders being one of the top chew toys! He isn't crying or upset, and he isn't really off his food - but there's a definite irritation there.

As you can imagine, it was perfectly timed when MAM asked us if we'd like to try their new MAM friends range - Bob the Turtle - and we jumped at the chance to give Bob a go. Here are our thoughts:

What I love about the way Bob is packaged is that it did not require scissors or Hulk-like strength to get into. Bob was out of his box in seconds and once he was washed - he was straight into Jake's hands (and then mouth). 

The box is colourful and attractive, with clear information provided on what Bob can do to help your baby.

It goes without saying that Bob the turtle is super cute - just like his friends Lucy and Max (who are also available). Bob is made from 100% natural rubber and is BPA free which means he is 100% baby safe - something we all know is really important. 

However, Bob has many other benefits:
  • he is a handmade developmental toy which means that each MAM friend is unique in exact colour and size
  • he feels soft and squidgy, making him easy to hold
  • he has a variety of ridges and bumps and this variety in texture helps support baby sensory development - something Jake is really getting into at the moment
  • Bob is a 3D ring design which means he's really easy for Jake to grab and hold him for prolonged times. Often - with Sophie Giraffe - Jake lets go after a while to re grip
  • and in terms of teething, the rubber is partially hollow which means it's a perfect texture and strength for chewing - especially as Jake already has 7 teeth through and another on the way

What does Jake think?
Obviously, Jake can't tell me what he thinks but he has been chomping on Bob quite a bit. He also likes to pick him up, throw him and then go and get him again; he thinks this is funny :-)

He also likes to touch his fingertips to the funny ridges and inspect them closely, which I find adorable. 


We think MAM's Bob the Turtle is a brilliant little friend to keep in your baby's toy box and he's a great, easy companion to take out in the changing bag or out and about at the park. You can get any of the MAM friends here and they are all less than £10! Cheaper than Sophie Giraffe. 

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  1. This sounds good! May give it a go when Arjun has his next round of teeth x thanks for linking up lovely x #babybrainmonday x