Saturday, 4 July 2015

Review: Sassy Bloom Box at 9 months old*

Last week Jake received a Sassy Bloom Box* for all the hard work mummy had done writing guest posts for the Sassy Bloom Blog in previous months.

It was a real treat for Jake - as at 9 months old now, he really understands how to 'open' things and to explore them himself. This made the Sassy Bloom Box so much more exciting and we sat down together, as a family, once we were all home to do the grand opening. It made for a lovely evening as Jake got excited about all of the bits and bobs inside. It really did feel special.

I have reviewed Sassy Bloom before - and you can see on my blog that I have a page dedicated to the articles I have written for their blog, previously. Sassy Bloom are a company who offer a monthly box to your door which is personalised to your baby's age and interests - it's definitely worth a visit to check them out!

Here are just a few of the things that were in Jake's box; for each one I have put the RRP and what Jake has thought of them: 

The Melissa and Doug Tumbler - RRP £7.99 This has been a huge success with Jake;  it has helped to encourage him to crawl. The clack and roll sound effect and the wooden 'retro' feel make this toy a great addition to Jake's toy box. He plays with it regularly.

The Fun Time Busy Phone - RRP £5.99 - Jake has really enjoyed trying to ring the numbers on this. The 'roll the ball' seems a little stuck  -but it is a nice toy.

The Plush Giant Caterpillar - RRP £9.00 - I was really pleased when we saw this. I thought it was bright, cute and colourful. However, Jake hasn't really engaged with it as of yet. Perhaps it's just 'not his style', lol.

The Stack Up Cups - RRP £4.99 - have been, by far, the biggest success. Jake cannot stop playing with these and we have had hours of fun together builiding them and then knocking them down. He also enjoys clapping them together and throwing them. Fantastic :)

The Nuby Coverall Bib and Bandana Bib - RRP £5.99 - Daddy and I were very pleased to see this in the box, as we were literally planning to buy one that weekend. The bandanna bib is gorgeously soft and absorbant - it looks great.

Here are a few photos of Jake making good use of his cups!
I thoroughly believe that the Sassy Bloom box is a fantastic gift or monthly product which is enjoyable for baby and parents. It is an experience that is so enjoyable as a family and the products are always relevant and useful. As a first time mum - I think it's great :)

If you're interested - you can save £10 with my referal code SASSBEXM over at Sassy Bloom. Go check them out.

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