Sunday, 27 September 2015

5 Reasons to Remember I am a Good Mum - according to my husband!

Babies. We spend years thinking about having them. 9 months growing them and a lifetime worrying about them. 

Being a first time mum means that everything I do with JD is the first time I am doing it. I am surrounded by other bloggers and tweeters, instagramers and Facebookers who all have little ones and appear to be doing all of the right things in the right way. 

Working full time means I don't get to take my child to baby clubs and most of my friends don't have children; I have very little basis for comparison when it comes to parenting and I am constantly comparing myself to others in the parenting world of social media (which can mean I often feel totally shit as a mother!).

Occasionally, when I feel especially crappy or haven't had 5 minutes to myself to just breathe because of work, I get upset. Luke is always quick to remind me that I am doing great and he tells me a list of reasons he KNOWS I am a good mum. I thought I'd share them with you so you can see you're a good mum or dad too when your little one does the same: 

  1. Jake is a happy, smiley little boy who is loving and generous; he is always willing to give smiles, kisses, hugs and share his food. 
  2. Jake will sit and play and play and play very happily and contentedly with his toys, or sit 'reading' all of his books. He will gladly come and sit in mummy's lap to listen to a book being read at any time of the day - and especially if mummy reads it with different voices. 
  3. Jake isn't scared, timid or shy. Jake will gladly go anywhere and to anyone. He is happy to get involved and play with everyone (especially other children). He's well behaved and polite - saying 'ta' and handing things over when you say 'thank you' to him. 
  4. Jake is doing all of the right things at all of the right stages. He may not be the 'first' to do things when compared to other babies, but he's always in the right age bracket for them. 
  5. Luke says the most important reason he can tell I am a good mum is just by watching me with Jake and seeing my eyes and my face light up - and seeing Jake's do the same. In his words he 'loves nothing better than to watch the two of you together'. Aww.
Maybe I'm not as crap as I sometimes think I am, eh? 

I hope this post helps other mums and dads see that even though they might sometimes feel they aren't doing a good job - the proof is in the pudding. 


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