Baby Shower Gifts & Ideas for New Mums

If you're the expectant mum and you're looking forward to your little one's arrival - congratulations!
Or, if you're the friend/ relative/ partner of a lucky lady expecting a baby - woohoo! Think of the fun and cuddles you'll be able to enjoy :)

This page is dedicated to helping with the following 3 queries:

  1. I'm going to a baby shower - what's a good gift?
  2. I'm expecting a baby - what products might I want/need?
  3. What can I give to families with babies on occasions and birthdays?
The reason for this post is that I wish I had read some more of them before having baby Jake...and I wish maybe some of the people who gave us gifts did! As they wouldn't have been so anxious about what to buy (many people handed me gifts, saying 'I didn't know what to get you...'). 

I'm going to try and make it as simple as possible. I'll list products I have found/ know to be great solutions for the 1,2,3 queries above, and I'll update this page as I make new discoveries myself. 
Enjoy - I hope it's useful :)


  1.  A swaddle blanket - we have 3 different ones from Swaddle Designs (purchased in TKMaxx)
  2. A sleep bag for baby - the GroBag is the best from the Gro Company. But mothercare and supermarkets offer good versions. 
  3. A soft, good quality baby towel (with a hood is important). The Skip Hop towels are lovely. We want more of them!
  4. Milestone Cards - We so wish we'd had these before now. They are lovely and make a fabulous gift. We have the Milestone Baby Cards, which were from Amazon.
  5. A cot mobile - Mothercare & Early Learning Centre offer lots of nice ones.
  6. Babygrows or sleepsuits - when baby is little, you don't really want any clothing that needs to go over their head because you'll be anxious about doing it and often they find it shocking and can get upset. Instead - lots of fun sleepsuits that do up down the front are great. These from Mothercare are cute. 
  7. A bath and room thermometer - the Phillips Avent one is both and is brilliant. They do pink or blue.
  8. A changing bag - I have a gorgeous 'Mum et bebe' one from Pink Lining, who do fabulous changing bags for mums. You want lots of pockets and a changing mat as a minimum. 
  9. A bouncer is really useful as they're a safe way to put your baby down when you're busy, without having to rely on a moses basket or cot. We have the Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer available at Mothercare.
  10. Newborn nappies in size 1 and 2 - I'd advise you to stock up on some packs as you will get through them! 
  11. Lots of bodysuits - vary between long, short and no sleeves as well. They will go under almost all their babygrows and outfits.These are nice from Marks and Spencers
  12. Playmats or tummy time gyms are really great once baby gets a bit more alert and feels more secure. Amazon have this Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym for a good price. 
  13. Reading is key to good development and literacy. We chose this lovely book by Janet and Alan Ahlberg, called Peepo, to read to our little one at bed times. You can get this from Amazon.
  14. As a first time mum - the first few baths were quite scary if I'm honest. Get a good bath that has some kind of support in it if you're worried - Mamas and Papas have a nice selection here.

15.  Photo album - always great for new parents because we all love to take photographs. It also encourages us to get them printed; horrible to think that all those digital files might be lost and you'd have nothing left. This one from John Lewis is lovely and only £16 at the moment.
16.  Personalised book: The 'lost my name' series is lovely and would be a special gift to treasure in the years to come. 
17.  These leggings from Fred & Noah are amazing - Jake has a 'monster' grey pair and they wear really well. Loads of different, funky designs to choose from. These would definitely make a new or expectant mum smile :)
18.  Bibs and neckerchiefs are a must with babies... but these amazing 'Neckerchews' from the folks at Cheeky Chompers are brilliant for when your little one starts chewing everything in sight! A great gift for a new mum.
19.  A pushchair/ pram/ stroller organiser is a great help! The brilliant Red Letter Baby offer 2 designs from *Skip Hop* which are cool and functional. A nice gift for a busy new mum.
20.  Helping new mums to understand what their baby is doing, why and how they can help is a really powerful gift. These books about the 'Wonder Weeks' are a really thoughtful and helpful gift. There is also a website and app to go along with them - really interesting! I blogged more about The Wonder Weeks here.
21.  Buying clothes for babies is easy - but buying good, quality clothes is now even easier with Panda & the Sparrow offering gorgeous bamboo gift sets. The bamboo fabric is great for eczema, it is breathable and has many other super features. A really special gift.

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