All posts published on mummybexm.co.uk are of my own views and personal opinion.

The majority of products that will be reviewed/ discussed on mummybexm.co.uk have been bought by myself, or were given as gifts to us from family and friends. Any products that do get sent to myself for review, such as PR samples, will include an asterisk* in the blog post's title OR at the end of a product link.

Any products I review (bought myself, as gifts, or sent for review) are reviewed with my honesty and my OWN opinion. I am a 'call it as I see it' kinda gal. If I post a positive review this DOES NOT mean that the product will automatically suit or work for everyone. We all have different needs, standards and preferences.

All images posted on the blog are my own, unless stated or a link/ URL copy pasted/provided.
If you wish to use any images that I own, and are mine, please ask permission (see Contact & PR). 

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