My Sassy Bloom Articles

Well whadda y'know! I am guest writing articles for the Sassy Bloom Blog. I was so chuffed to be given the opportunity.

Who are Sassy Bloom?

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Sassy Bloom are a company that package and send monthly gift boxes that are tailored specifically to the gender and age of your child. The goodies are for mum and baby from the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, up to age 2 of your child.

The boxes can be bought as a one off, or as a variety of monthly subscriptions. Alternatively, you can send them as gifts to other mums and babies.

You can save £10 0ff your first Sassy Bloom order here using code SASSBEXM.


  1. Oh congratulations, that's fabulous I had no idea you did that.They sound like a lovely company.x

  2. I might actually order a box. I thought you can only have subscription.

    1. No, you can order a one off box. My code can help save you money: SASSBEXM :) x